Thanksgiving Greetings 2007

Posted by: ST on November 21, 2007 at 11:43 pm

I am reposting my traditional TGiving message, but with one addition: Check out the latest way you can express support for the troops this Thanksgiving: by text messaging them. Very, very cool.

Whether it’s through cards and/or gifts, or just simple words of encouragement, please let our hardworking troops know that they are in your thoughts and prayers. They need the support, especially during the holiday season when so many are away from their families.


Here we are on the eve of Thanksgiving. Some will be traveling to celebrate the holiday with family and friends, while others will be hosting the annual feast. Our families will congregate around a table, eat some good food, share laughs and memories, along with hugs and kisses … laughter and tears.

But while we’re gathered together with our families, let’s remember also take a moment to say thanks and pray for those who can’t be home with their families this year: our men and women serving overseas. Year after year, they have made tremendous sacrifices in the war on terror – and as we know, some have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Thoughts and prayers also should go out to the families of our men and women who are serving – they live each day anxious to know what’s happening with their loved one(s), wanting to find out if they are ok, when they are returning home, and if they will see them again. Many military families will set their Thanksgiving tables one plate less this year, due to death in the line of duty, or the continued overseas service of their loved one(s). Those still serving abroad will have their Thanksgiving turkey with their fellow soldiers, no doubt thinking of their families and friends back home.

So as we get together to celebrate the holidays with our families and give thanks, please make sure to remember to give a word of thanks and pray for all those who have served, are continuing to serve, their families who wait for them back home, and also the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. America stands strong and proud today thanks to the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices of great military men and women. This incredibly moving photo montage is one of many that captures and documents their heroism.

God bless to everyone, travel safe if you are on the road, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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8 Responses to “Thanksgiving Greetings 2007”


  1. Marshall Art says:

    Haven’t visited recently, Sis, but I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for your blog. You’re the best!

  2. benning says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Sis! ~o)

    We’ll keep those in Harm’s Way in our thoughts and Prayers, and be thankful for all our Blessings.


  3. 2Hotel9 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Sis, from our nation’s Capitol. Well, Takoma Park actually. And thanks for the link! Fired off a message on the freq, the counter is up to 90,000 already!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Sister T! Enjoy our cold, snowy, Carolina day :d

  5. forest hunter says:

    Happy Thanks today and every day, to all the RA here and our very own ST for keeping the faith and bringing us together.

    May you all continue to blessed.

    Semper Fi

  6. steveegg says:

    Hopefully everybody had a good and filling Thanksgiving.

  7. NC Cop says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We may not always agree with each other on everything, but let’s be thankful that we can resolve our differences, our simply agree to disagree, without blowing each other to pieces.

    This can never be said too much, so I’ll say it again, THANK YOU to all of our military veterans, those currently in the military, and those who will serve in the future. It’s because of you that we get to stuff ourselves on this holiday, sit back, and watch football all day!! God bless each and every one of you!

  8. sanity says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope that as we all give thanks for the bounty we consume, we turn our hearts and minds to those that serve, here and abroad, and give thanks to them, and a heartfelt prayer that they return home to thier families safe and sound.