Morning links

Here are a few links to get your motor running on this chilly Wednesday morning:

—- The blogosphere is buzzing today about comments made by Bill Clinton where he emphatically stated that he was against the Iraq war “from the beginning” – a statement which doesn’t quite square with the facts. Another day, another Clinton lie.

—-Gateway Pundit has details on Sean Penn’s favorite dictator Hugo Chavez and how he continues to “deal with” the opposition. Hint: It ain’t pretty. Daniel in Venezuela has more.

—- Michelle Malkin has a link round-up on the latest instance of France burning. It remains to be seen what France’s president, Nicolas Sarkozy, is going to do about it (if anything). Captain Ed has confidence Sarko will act, but says he needs to treat rioters with a Giuliani-esque “zero-tolerance” policy. I’m not holding my breath on that happening …

—- The NYT’s Caucus blog reports today that Hillary Clinton wants former Sec. of State Colin Powell to serve in her administration, should she become elected. It’s interesting – and telling – to know that Powell’s dismal record as Secretary of State hasn’t deterred La Clinton from considering him to serve in her cabinet. Not exactly surprising, though, as the Clinton’s have a history of putting style over substance. This is just the latest instance.

—- And speaking of Hillary, she’s just landed the all-important support of Babs Streisand vote. I wonder if Hillary is hoping against hope that Babs doesn’t embarass her as much as she embarasses herself?

—- How’s this for bizarro: Dennis Kucinich is proposing a Kucinich/Ron Paul presidential ticket. Rob Port appropriately calls the idea a “perfect storm of election season nuttiness.”

—- Massachusetts is considering a law that would punish parents for spanking their children. Thoughts?

—- Reversal of misfortune? A Saudi court is reviewing the case of a gang rape victim who was sentenced to 200 lashes and to serve 6 months time in jail for allegedly being in the presence of a man who was not her husband shortly before she was repeatedly raped.

—- The CBS Public Eye blog has a bone to pick with the idea of YouTube debates, contending that they put too much focus on the questioner and not the candidates themselves. The Republicans take their turn at the YouTube debate tonight at 8 pm ET on CNN.

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