AQ uses two Down’s syndrome sufferers as martyrs in suicide bombing attack that killed 73 in Baghdad

Pathetic b-stards.  Via the Daily Mail:

Al Qaeda fanatics plumbed sickening new depths yesterday when they turned two women with Down’s syndrome into human bombs to kill 70 people in Baghdad.

The unwitting pawns were apparently fooled into wearing explosive vests which were then detonated remotely by mobile phones as the women mingled with crowds.

The two blasts caused carnage at two busy markets in the Iraqi capital’s deadliest atrocity since last spring.

U.S. military spokesman conveyed the sense of outrage over the depravity of the masterminds.

"They have shown their true demonic character," said Lieutenant-Colonel Steve Stover.

Involving women in fighting violates religious taboos in Iraq, but extremists are recruiting females and youths to stage suicide attacks in a desperate attempt to beat tightened security measures.

Women can avoid thorough searches at checkpoints because of Islamic sensitivities, and four have carried out suicide bombings since November.

Yesterday’s attacks are the first ever to have involved anyone with Down’s Syndrome.

But, you know, maybe if we just reasoned with them and tried to understand them, maybe AQ wouldn’t resort to perpetrating such despicable acts …

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