Weekend open thread

I’ve got a couple of fun projects planned for today – namely organizing and rearranging my office.   (yeah, I know – sounds like so much fun, that we should break out the party hats <:-p)  So I’ll be away for most of the day.

BTW, did you know that your humble blog hostess possessed the power of using Jedi mind tricks on her political opponents? At least that’s a what conservative commenter at Hot Air accused me of doing the other day in trying to persuade him on John McCain.  I thought it was kinda cool …

I think I’m going to incorporate some variation of that quote into the next slogan I use for the blog when I finally get around to having it redesigned. 

Sister Toldjah: Schooled in the fine art of using Jedi mind tricks on her political opponents.  

I like the sound of that!  :d

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