Heads up

Posted by: ST on April 16, 2008 at 10:47 pm

I know blogging has been sporadic and sometimes sparse over the last couple of weeks, and it will probably be that way for at least the next two weeks. Lately I’ve been buried under most of the time during the day, and when I come home oftentimes I’m just flat out exhausted, not to mention mentally spent. And on the weekends, like many of you, I enjoy getting out and enjoying the weather. I’m also suffering through a mild case of political writing burnout.

So please bear with me for the next couple of weeks while things are hectic for me, and while I’m in the process of getting my writing sea legs back. I’ll do my best to provide fresh content for the blog daily, but there may be days where you see some only some light evening blogging or perhaps a couple of newsy posts containing links to various stories of interest rather than on one particular topic. As always, feel free to post links to stories that interest you in the open threads, as I check those often for potential post topics.

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding :)

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7 Responses to “Heads up”


  1. stackja says:

    “political writing burnout”

    Too much of the politics now is not worth reporting.
    O-man and Hillbilly are just plain silly.
    Enjoy your rest. Come November, it will really be silly.

  2. steveegg says:

    Not at all a problem. We’ll still be here when you’re back to full blogging speed.

  3. Lorica says:

    That’s it, I am heading to Charlotte to take care of you. :D You need someone to care for you after you come home from work. =)) – Lorica

  4. Dana says:

    [tapping foot] We’re paying good money for this site, and we want top-notch, current, biting commentary! :d

  5. Tango says:

    I might remind you that The Suites at Key Largo are quite pleasant this time of year…. b-)

  6. American Vet says:

    I wanted to tell all of you here about a fairly new blog, The Bobo files. The host is an old flying buddy from the Air Force and is a great conservative. I was hoping all of the great people who post here and of course Sister Toldjah herself, could help him get his blog going. Please stop by and drop him a line.
    When Bobo and I were flying together, the squadron members were called The Raiders, hence you will see my comments posted there under “Raider Steve”. Please stop by!!


  7. forest hunter says:

    Terrorist supporters doing their bit to keep up with the allied efforts against democracy and the free world.

    If only 1 out of 5 reporters were not biased and could report a story with balance. :-w