Friday open thread

Posted by: ST on June 13, 2008 at 9:26 am

Hey ya’ll – I’m swamped and will be for most of the day. Will try to check in later this afternoon – if not, definitely this evening.

TGIF \:d/

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  1. NC Cop says:

    Better and better……

    VP Vetter Caroline Kennedy Honored Murtha

    Caroline Kennedy and Senator Edward M. Kennedy presented former U.S. Navy General Counsel Alberto Mora and U.S. Representative John P. Murtha (D-PA) with the 2006 Profile in Courage Award.

    Congressman Murtha was recognized for the difficult and courageous decision of conscience he made in November, 2005, when he reversed his support for the Iraq war and called for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the conflict.

    Ahhhh yes. Brave congressman John “Abscam” Murtha. The man who reversed his support for the war in Iraq, when doing so gained him the political support he wanted. So brave. Brave congressman Murtha who accused our troops of “cold-blooded murder” and has yet to mutter a word of apology when all the charges against those Marines were dismissed.

    Congressman Murtha……a study in bravery.

    I’m sure JFK would be mortified to see what his party has become.

  2. Severian says:

    Murtha – Semper Infidelus…

  3. NC Cop says:


    It’s only Tuesday for me, I have to work all weekend. :(

    Even better, tonight is Friday 13th and I have to work the “graveyard” shift. I swear to God if I see a dude wearing a hockey mask………

  4. Severian says:

    Shoot first and ask questions later NC! ;)

    Friday the 13th. It doesn’t happen to be a full moon too does it?

  5. forest hunter says:

    Toldjah it was coming! :-ss I’m still waiting for the big one down here in the delta. There’s almost as many major cracks and faults here than, what’ll be seen at the upcoming DNC tribal gathering!

    Pee Es: I wanted to put the little TM thingy by your *Toldjah* but, such are the puter skills of this man. :d

  6. Severian says:

    You OK there in the Land of the Rising Sun Forest? That’s a pretty big quake.

  7. forest hunter says:

    Sevsan: Shimpai Nai. I am as removed from it as the Obamettes are from free thinking.

  8. forest hunter says:

    Greed and the DNA

    Saying the book offers often nonsensical theories, Publishers Weekly, which normally touts books, described that book as presenting many detailed accounts of conspiratorial meetings that turn out to be not fact but faction or journalistic novelization that is, conjecture designed to distract readers from the lack of evidence.

  9. Moved from another thread to this one. –ST

    – Tank Kyew, tank Kyew. The pleasure was all mine.

    – Heres My take on the fall Election. Move it to whatever thread seems appropriate, or use it however you like.

    – Last time around sKerry got an almost total plurality from the entire spectrum of Left voters, and lost by something like 4-5% when all the counting was finally in. Nothing close to a split in the Dem party.

    – McCain is right of center on only one issue, Iraq, and tries to pretend on other things like borders etc. So hes a classic example of a RINO, essentially another Bill Clinton in a lot of ways, sans the military difference for McCain. A Republican Bill Clinton with war creds.

    – That means Republicans and Independents, looking at the prospect of a hard Left Socialist in Obama, will hold their noses and vote McCain, even though he is slightly Left of center, because with Obama theres no doubt where he’d take the country.

    – Assume Obama gets the same Plurality sKerry got, minus even a modest group of disenfranchised Hillery supporters, and here all the temporizing and hand waving is not going to woe over a goodly number of the FemBots who are convinced they got screwed over by their party, I see no way for the Left to win in the end.

    – If sKerry couldn’t do it with the entire body Democrat politic behind him, then the numbers just don’t add up, and I don’t care how many demographic maps the media sticks up on the wall to try to keep it interesting and sell cars, insurance, beer, and cleaning products.

    – So theres your choices people. Do You want a closet Marxist, or another Bill Clinton clone with a panchet for G.I. Joe instead of Barbie, without the cigar, that keeps his zipper up.

    – BBH – **==

    Comment by Big Bang Hunter (pumping you up) @ 6/15/2008 – 11:31 am

  10. Great White Rat says:

    I usually don’t link up to posts I’ve seen in other blogs, but I just ran across one that absolutely chills the blood.

    Over at Wizbang, Cassy Fiano wrote a post about an Ohio judge who just overturned the state’s lethal injection law on the grounds that some of the drugs in the cocktail might be painful for the poor dears.

    Nothing out of the ordinary there…we’re used to leftist judges who value the lives of murderers, rapists, terrorists, and the like over the lives of the rest of us. I’m not going to get into that, or the ideas and commentary there.

    No, the scary part is the picture of the judge in his chambers. Scroll down till you see it, and take a good look at what he has hanging on the wall behind his desk.

    Then think about what the wrong outcome in this year’s election portends for the judiciary in this country.


  11. NC Cop says:

    Scroll down till you see it, and take a good look at what he has hanging on the wall behind his desk.

    Priceless! But remember, you can’t have the ten commandments in a courthouse! Heavens no!!!

  12. Great White Rat says:

    I am as removed from it as the Obamettes are from free thinking.

    Forest, you couldn’t possibly be that far from it. You’d need to be in another galaxy. :d

    By the way, my schedule is apparently going to include at least one, maybe two swings through Japan by the end of the summer. I’ll touch base with you when it’s locked in.

  13. forest hunter says:

    GWR: I stand corrected……hope to see you this time.

    Another classic BBH! Thanks for the upbeat report sir!


  14. PCD says:

    Been a little busy. For the Latest on the Iowa Flood

    Don’t listen to the Democrats on this. They don’t know what they’re talking about. Expect our Democrat Governor Culver, Lying Speaker of the House, Pat Murphy, and Senate Democrat Leader Gronstal to try to get Katrina like money to fund their Socialist, Big Nanny state ideas that the Iowa taxpayers would not fund.

  15. Severian says:

    Well, just by looking at those new floods, it’s obvious that George Bush hates white people. :-\