Breaking: Senate passes bailout bill

Posted by: ST on October 1, 2008 at 9:48 pm

By a vote of 74-25. Next up? The House will try again, on Friday.

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One Response to “Breaking: Senate passes bailout bill”


  1. Neo says:

    The side effects of the “financial meltdown” are really amazing.

    Obviously, the Russian stock market has lost half of it’s value. Who knew.
    I bet they will be looking for that $1 billion loan to Chavez to be quickly repaid, but that may be a problem.

    The price of oil is now below $100/barrel. If it goes below $85, the Iranian economy will crumble, but at current levels all of OPEC will be feeling some pain.

    Who would have thought that you could impose something worse than economic sanctions on Russia, Iran and all their OPEC buddies and put low income Americans in their own homes at the same time ?

    The legacy of George Bush may actually get some credit based on a debacle not of his design.

    So why does Congress have to go an ruin a good thing by voting for a “bailout” ??