Wednesday open thread

Gonna be another busy day for me today, which is probably for the best as I’m still formulating my thoughts from last night’s debate, am still angry as hell at the Obama campaign’s (and some of his far left supporters) playing of the race card after the debate, and am irked at the whole debate “process” in terms of how certain folks use them as their major determining factor in order to help them make their final decision. More on that later.

I’ll check in when I can, either later this afternoon or tonight.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday open thread

  1. Payback will come, Sis. It always does, and when it arrives the Dems will wonder what happened. And they’ll fall back on their favorite thought: “The American people must be stupid.”

    By the way, Lorie Byrd has the Palin NC visit pics. :d

  2. Awesome, GWR!! Please make sure to give us a full recap, and a pic or two :)

    Benning – thanks! I’ll take a look at the pix. I sure wish I could have gone to see her there yesterday!

  3. Hey anyone notice that the idiot state’s attorney in the state of Illinois has put off Rezko’s sentencing until December??? Gotta wonder if he isn’t doing this so that it doesn’t look so bad for Barry. – Lorica

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