Coming to a classroom near you?

Posted by: ST on November 6, 2008 at 7:27 pm

This is absolutely despicable:

Via Belchpeak comes the following excerpt of a documentary made by Swedish television (belchpeak say they’re from Finland, but most others say it’s Swedish) on supporters of Barack Obama. Watch it. This clip shows how a black female teacher who supported Obama singled out a white girl in one of her classes, to bully her about her and her parents’ support for John McCain.

View the video here (it gets started about 15 seconds into it):

The teacher used to teach in the Asheville, NC school system.

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10 Responses to “Coming to a classroom near you?”


  1. NC Cop says:

    What a pig she is. A senseless war?? In your opinion lady, but I do believe it took a war to end slavery, didn’t it? So if a war hadn’t ended slavery, you probably wouldn’t be a teacher would you? Or free for that matter, so I guess it was ok for soldiers to slaughter each other as long as it benefited you. How nice of you to deny other people the same freedom that soldiers died to give you.

    While not at all surprising, it is disgusting. I honestly look forward to the first time Obama has to use the military in some way, not that he will. You can bet I’ll be asking aloud if he is going to encourage his daughters to enlist in the military.

    Let the indoctrination begin!

    The teacher used to teach in the Asheville, NC school system.

    I’m shocked…………..really. :-w

  2. BelchSpeak says:

    Sister Toldjah,
    Thanks for linking back to my blog! Yeah, when I first saw this video, my blood boiled. I can’t believe that a teacher would be this cruel to a kid whose Dad is away on duty, and do it to show off for the camera to boot!

  3. Trish says:

    Come on, what’s new about this? My local library has a big poster up about how the local elementary school is “green.” I figured out when I was ATTENDING public school that its purpose was to domesticate and indoctrinate pupils, not to educate them. (Call me an autodidact.)
    Yes, it’s appalling. But it’s been going on for a long, long time.

  4. Helen says:

    Look at it this way: historically when the real left takes power they turn their guns on their wayward left-wing allies. Communists, anarchists, what-have-you always do worse under left-wing governments (when it is a disctatorship, which this will not be they do even worse). That teacher may well find herself in a re-education camp. :-\

  5. Nina says:

    What apathetic ass she is. She hides under the word discussion to campaign forObama. She is lucky that’s not my child. I will fight to get her fired.

  6. Dan Irving says:

    She now teaches in Fayetteville NC:

    Mary McArthur Elementary School.
    (Google it and look up Faculty and Staff for D.Harris)

    Diantha Harris (5th Grade)

    3809 Village Drive Fayetteville, NC 28304

    Phone: (910) 424-2206
    Fax: (910) 424-3451

    The schools website has a POSTForm type only contact system so you can post a comment directly to the Principle like I did.

    As in all things – please keep it civil.

  7. Lorica says:

    It doesn’t matter, she isn’t owning up to the garbage she spews. She has basically said that the youtube video was “edited” to make her look like a hack. I am sure it was, as they probably pieced together several frames to get her to say some of the horrible things she said to these 1st graders. Infact if you slow down the youtube video, you can see she is wearing 3 different dresses. LOL ;) Riiiiggghhhtttt These people will never own up to the hate they spew. – Lorica

  8. MissJean says:

    It’s horrible.

    FYI Finland has two official languages: Finnish and Swedish. Lots of Finnish TV is in Swedish, like Canadian TV companies produce English-language shows to appeal to the US market, although French is the other official language.

  9. NC Cop says:

    Hey! Shouldn’t the libs be screaming bloody murder because she said “Jesus” in a school???

    Shouldn’t they be threatening lawsuits and picketing outside the school??

  10. David says:

    One of the boys says he’s supporting Obama because he’s black and the teacher doesn’t blink an eye. I also noticed that every child who said McCain was met with a worried sounding ‘oh my god’.
    Politics has no place in the classroom and I have to wonder how many children are suffering from their classmates and even the teachers because they have the “wrong” political views?