6 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton might as well have been elected

  1. Sorry, I couldn’t take the nineties offering for longer than two of the four minutes. Does that indicate I will only be able to withstand two years of an Obama Administration?

    How about a prediction on Obama’s first term? The Dems in light of their fascination with former Clinton sidekicks as well as Bill and Hillary will once again invoke their self-imposed disability to lead and lose big in the next midterm elections and the GOP will finally get their groove back, meaning a return to conservative principles and nominate a strong candidate in 2012 who will render Obama a one term President.

    It could happen.

  2. That’s funny! But it’s so true! Obama is just going back to the old liberal illuminati and not sticking to his word of being bipartisan at all. I am just hungry for a politician that sticks to his or her word. Let’s see some of that.

  3. The best analogy I can think of is that we the people are getting the same ’90s model car with a paint job and retreaded tires. There were also BC and AC voters in this election; those who were old enough to vote for Carter ONCE, and those who were too young or not yet born.

  4. What choice did Obama have?
    The only people he brought to the table were Ayers, Rezko, Wright, etc. Those people might not have made it through confirmation
    ;)), so he’s stuck with clinton’s people.

    He didn’t have one credible soul to back him up through the nomination or election process, so what else could he do.

    Here we are stuck with a president elect that was elected for no other reason than they liked his speaking voice.

    We are very close to banana republicdom.:-ss

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