My contribution to the “Is it sinful to post eye candy on your blog?” debate

Every once in a while, my friend John Hawkins takes heat from some Christian readers of his blog for his occasional posting of pictures of women in bikinis. Here’s an example of the types of emails he receives:

“Hello John, my name is Andrew, and I have a quick question for you. I believe I read in one of your pieces on Right Wing News that you are a Christian. Is that true? If so, then why does it look like you post bikini pictures on Conservative Grapevine as well as RWN? e.g., Sarah Palin at the pool.

Do you think that it’s OK to do that as a Christian?” — Andrew Bell

Robert Stacy McCain posts some thoughtful comments on the issue here.

I’ll post mine in just a moment. But first – a word from our sponsor:

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Um … what was the question again? ;;)

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