NYT: Hillary set to accept Sec. of State cabinet position

Posted by: ST on November 21, 2008 at 3:40 pm

Yes, she can – and she is.

Effectively, Obama has soothed the ruffled feathers of the PUMAs with this pick, and has taken away any chance of a “rogue” campaign for presidency she might have been considering for 2012. Smart move, but does it represent “change? Which brings me to this:

Barack Obama, campaigning against Hillary Clinton – 12/27/07:

“The real gamble in this election is playing the same Washington game with the same Washington players and expecting a different result.”

Jim Geraghty has a lengthy list of the “Washington players” he’s either selected or likely will select to work with him in his administration. The types of results he’s expecting are unknown, barring any more leaks coming from his staff …

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  • 15 Responses to “NYT: Hillary set to accept Sec. of State cabinet position”


    1. DavidL says:

      How smart is it bringing the Clintons back into the executive department? Not very. The Clintons are not loyal, team players or trustworthy. Further, Mrs. Clinton lacks the experience, intellect and tempermnet to ever be a diplomate. Throwing vases will not get the job done in Foggy Bottom.

      Dumb move BO.

    2. Tango says:

      ….rookie mistake. BarryO will come to regret this. :-l

    3. NC Cop says:

      BarryO will come to regret this.

      Lord, won’t we all!!!!!

    4. BeachBabe NC says:

      =)) Geezz Hill as a sec of state… :-ss

      BO stinks… I wish I could make that into a bumper sticker!!

    5. Trish says:

      I think it’s a mistake on Clinton’s part. Obama abuses her six ways to Christmas, and then throws her a crumb, and she’s in ecstasy? How screwy can you get?

    6. Dana says:

      I think that it’s great! Mr Obama can’t fire a senator, but he’ll be able to fire a cabinet officer! :d

    7. The ‘rumor’ of Geitner as Treasury Secretary, Larry Summers as advisor combined with Hillary Clinton as SofS being viewed as a move to the center for Obama by MSM pundits and others allows the President-elect to control Hillary, appease the markets temporarily, annoy the far left and perhaps buy some quiet time before taking office.

      But events in the world will not take a time out until then. Who or what makes the next splash to upset the ‘transition’?

    8. SpideyTerry says:

      What was that you said about “judgment,” President-elect Obama?

      BarryO will come to regret this.

      Lord, won’t we all!!!!!

      Damn right!

      Seriously, I gotta give Obama credit for being a good sport. He’s seems real determined to give Republicans a chance in 2010 and 2012.

    9. Steve Skubinna says:

      Barry-Oh suddenly needs some foreign affairs credibility, since while nobody was paying attention we seem to have won in Iraq. Say what you will about Hillary and her Neitzschean will to power, she was right about Iraq and the WOT, and Obama was dead wrong. This way he co-opts her, insulates himself from criticism from the right, and gets to claim credit for the work Bush and his admin did.

      The only real losers here are the nutroots. Heads must be spinning all over Kos-land as they try justifying why this is not a betrayal.

    10. Leslie says:

      “Obama has soothed the ruffled feathers of the PUMAs,” says ST.

      Ah, but the last time I looked, pumas had lovely fur, not feathers. ;)

      Steve: You’re spot on.