More on naming schools after The One

Posted by: ST on November 23, 2008 at 11:10 am

I wrote briefly on Friday about the decision of an elementary school’s students to rename their school “Barack Obama Elementary.” Little did I know that the renaming of this school was only the tip of the iceberg:

(CBS/AP) A school on Long Island has been renamed Barack Obama Elementary School in honor of his historic rise to the presidency.

The move at the largely black and Hispanic school in Hempstead is among the first in what will likely be a wave of name changes around the world now that Mr. Obama has been elected president, from schools and streets to parks and mountaintops.

The prime minister of the Caribbean nation of Antigua has said he’s taking measures to have the island’s highest mountain peak renamed Mount Obama. In Portland, Ore., students want to rename Clark K-8 At Binnsmead school. Elsewhere on Long Island, the Clear Stream Avenue School in Valley Stream will consider a renaming resolution in December. And parents already have been naming newborns Barack.

Next thing you know there will be “serious discussion” amongst “intellectuals” as to whether or not we should go ahead and put Obama’s face on Mt. Rushmore. 8-|

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One Response to “More on naming schools after The One”


  1. Joe says:

    I guess it’s time to “let Barry do it”, and put his face on the one dollar bill. We need to put his name on a major international airport, maybe in Chicago. Forget that guy O’Hare, aw, he was just a measly little war hero who died in heroic service to his nation, while Barry is The Messiah.