Panthers at the Packers (UPDATE: PANTHERS WIN 35-31)

Panthers logoAfter last week’s humiliating 45-28 loss to division rival Atlanta, the Cats will be looking go rebound today when they play the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. The Packers, too, will be looking to turn things around after the 51-29 drubbing they received from New Orleans last Monday.

Wisconsin ST reader and Cheesehead steveegg reports this morning that snow is on its way to Lambeau, which means good conditions for a Packer win. Even if the Cats were playing GB in Charlotte, they’d still face very cold weather. It’ll be rainy and windy here all day, and the temps won’t get out of the mid-40s.

Game time is 1pm ET and the game will be broadcast on Fox.

Update: Whew – that was quite a game, with the Panthers having the better first half and the Packers having the better second half. In the end, though, we pulled it out with under two minutes to go. Final score: 35-31.

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  1. Reposted from another thread. -ST

    I take it you aren’t going to put up an open thread for today’s game. Oh well; I do have some good news – snow is on the way to Lambeau for a proper Frozen Tundra welcome for the ‘Cats (which is about the only way the Packers can win).

    Comment by steveegg @ 11/30/2008 – 9:57 am

  2. Reposted from another thread. -ST

    I am about 300 miles south of Green bay and we got about 2 inches overnight here. Sooooo it should be interesting to see how much snow they get. But honestly, since they don’t have Brett anymore, is Green Bay much of a threat to anyone??? – Lorica

    Comment by Lorica @ 11/30/2008 – 10:46 am

  3. Ship some of that snow down here, will ya????

    Good luck to the cats today!

    GO GIANTS!!!! Perhaps the Giants will be able to put aside the distraction of their number one receiver, Plaxico Burress, SHOOTING HIMSELF IN THE LEG!!!!!

    What an absolute moron.

    Source: Burress tells Giants he shot himself in leg by accident

    This should just about destroy one of the best seasons the Giants have had. They certainly do not need this going up against the Redskins, Eagles, and Cowboys in the next three weeks.

  4. It’s a far better start than the Pack. :(

    The snow hasn’t started in Green Bay yet (I’d say about the end of the 3rd quarter), but it has in Milwaukee. It is going to be a major storm, with 6-12 inches predicted for my neck of the woods (very variable because of probable lake enhancement).

  5. It’s been a while since Donald Driver has done a Lambeau Leap. Back when Brett Favre was in town, he’d be fireman-carried on Favre’s shoulders.

  6. I would have Beeotch slapped that man if he prevented me from gettting Williams ball… 35 to 31…. wow what a great game!!

  7. ST – did you know that Carolina has never beaten the Cowboys in the regular season? And they have never lost to the Cowboys in the playoffs?

    Just something to think about if they meet later on………….

  8. My beloved Oakland Raiders managed to lose to the Kansas City Chief, a team they absolutely thumped with 300 yards rushing in their first meeting.

    And here I thought that things were improving, and they might reach six wins this year. :((

  9. Well, the Giants didn’t miss Me Plaxico at all. If the jerk doesn’t have a license for that gun he faces a year in jail. It’s mandatory for possession of illegal weapons in New York.

    Either way, he’ll never play another game with the Giants, I’m quite sure.

  10. That’s what a lot of the media is saying as well, Leslie. I think he’s a great athlete, but he’s an absolute moron.

    I’m glad to see the NYPD isn’t playing any favorites, we’ll just have to wait and see what the judge does.

    With that said, GO G-MEN!!!!

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