Caption This

Together again:

Hillary and Obama
Caption: Senator Hillary Clinton leaves a news conference arm-in-arm with President-elect Barack Obama after being announced as his choice for Secretary of State in Chicago, December 1, 2008. (Jeff Haynes/Reuters)


Not pictured: Happy sunset.


I’d say this calls for a song tribute/celebration!

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10 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. “Criminal Elect Obama and newly crowned Sec of State Clinton checked each other for wires prior to discussing their plans to further wreak havoc on America”

    What’d I win? What’d I win?:d

  2. If Obama thinks he’s going to have the option of throwing her under the bus when she gets inconvenient, he’s got another think coming.

  3. Obama: “That knife wound is healing nicely.”

    Clinton: “Thanks, it’s healing much better now that you waved your hand over it.”

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