Obama officially names Hillary as his Sec. of State pick

Of course, Hillary’s name is the big name being discussed today, but here’s a more complete list of who President-elect Obama has selected for what has been billed as his “national security team.”

I know many of you are worried about Hillary being our Secretary of State but hey … at least it wasn’t John Kerry who was picked for that cabinet position.

Quote of the day: Shortly after Obama announced his picks, a reporter slyly asked him about what he’d said about Hillary’s foreign policy creds back during the primaries. As I’m sure you’ll rememeber, it wasn’t very flattering. Click here to watch the video.

Wonder if the same reporter thought to ask Hillary the same thing of what she said about Obama’s foreign policy creds during the primaries? :-?

MKH has more video from the presser here, including clips of both Hillary and VP-elect Biden speaking.


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