Time’s Jay Carney takes Sister Toldjah’s advice

Well, he’s probably never actually heard of this blog, but with news like this, I’d sure love to take the credit for it ;)

Time magazine Washington Bureau Chief Jay Carney has left that position, reportedly to become Vice President-elect Joe Biden’s communications director.

Carney will become an assistant to Biden in the White House, and will serve as the vice president’s communications director, Time’s own Mark Halperin reported Monday.

Spokeswomen for Biden did not immediately return an email seeking confirmation of the report.

Carney had been the magazine’s D.C. bureau head since 2005, and had been on board Air Force One with President Bush on 9/11. He is married to ABC News senior national correspondent Claire Shipman.

In case you’re new to this blog, here’s the advice I gave over a week ago after learning of MSDNC’s Chris Matthews desire to run for the US Senate in PA against Republican Senator Arlen Specter:

I applaud Matthews for taking into serious consideration the possibility he’d need to leave the network in order to run for Senate (of course, he should have left it much, much earlier – but then again he wouldn’t have been able to help his fellow mediots with getting Obama elected, would he?). In fact, I encourage every other journalist out there who has a strong bias for one party or the other – who thinks it’s their “job” to help that party – to please follow Matthews’ example, retire from your profession and start pursuing your dream of officially working to advance that party’s principles – whether it be as a politico, an advisor or aide, or working for an advocacy group, or starting your own. Make your biases known upfront instead of continuing to hide behind a phony banner of “objectivity.” You know the real you is desperate to “come out of the closet.” I encourage you to do so, and to do so immediately. And in your places, we’d like to see journalists that really are objective instead of putting on pretenses.

Clearly, Carney is following his heart, and I applaud him for it.

Michael Calderone notes:

Carney had been Time’s Washington bureau chief, and was overseeing campaign coverage just over a month ago.

Yeah, I just bet he was.

Newsbusters’ executive editor Matthew Sheffield has examples of Carney’s left wing bias here, and in that same post has also documented a short list of journalists who have left their fields in the past year to work for Barry O. and company.

Great. That’s exactly where they and other journalists who think like them belong.

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