Comments editor plugin – another update

The investigation into why the comments editor no longer works in IE has produced concrete results, via the very patient steveegg. He spent a lot of time tonight trying to figure out what the problem was, and as it turns out, the comments editor doesn’t work because it’s clashing with another plugin I have called “Image Rotator Pro” which allows me to have rotating header images at my scheduling. If I disable that plugin, the comments editor works in IE again, but at the same time my (Stevie Nicks? *grin*) header disappears.

I’ve posted a question in the plugin creator’s support forum. Maybe he’ll have an answer for me as to weather or not it can be tweaked so as to work in concert with the comments editor. It all has something to do with something called “AJAX” … don’t ask me what that means! I leave that stuff to the experts.

Thanks again to steve for narrowing down the problem. Now, hopefully, we’ll have a resolution soon that will result in the beloved comments editor plugin being fully functional again.