Just who was that liberal in the front row of Obama’s presser last night?

The guy who claims he was “assigned” that seat? It’s far left talk show host Ed Schultz. Here’s a flashback to some of Ed’s more memorable moments:

Schultz claims that he “earned” that seat.  Furthermore, he “called Politico’s Jonathan Martin a “punk” and a “nitwit” for asking if it was an assigned seat.”  Hmm.

Who was the other liberal pundit at Obama’s presser last night? Liberal Sam Stein from the HuffPo, who Obama called on to ask a question.  Stein’s a proponent of investigating the Bush administration (which is what his question related to).

What did we learn here? That when it comes to politicians and pundits, the right should “not listen to Rush Limbaugh and expect to get things done” but the left (read: President Obama) can invite and call on left wing pundits at press conferences (but Bush couldn’t).

Got it.

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