GOP Congressman Tom Price gives speech in front of Pelosi’s (closed) office door

This guy’s got brass ones, I tell ya! LOL …

My name’s Tom Price and I represent the Sixth District of Georgia and [am] the privileged chair of the Republican Study Committee,” Price said. “It’s now noon on Wednesday. I’m standing outside the office of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. The door is closed. We just heard news break there’s been an agreement between the House and the Senate on the non-stimulus bill.”


“It’s curious because Republicans were invited to a meeting they said at 3 o’clock this afternoon,” Price continued. “What this means is there are more shady deals going on behind closed doors — without the public, without Republicans in attendance.”

The Georgia congressman had also called on congressional leaders to televise the House-Senate negotiations. However, as much as the press has helped the Obama administration trumpet a new era of transparency, there has been little call from the television media for these negotiations to be televised publicly.

“As the House and Senate move to negotiate the final text of the so-called stimulus bill, I have called on Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to make good on that promise and allow any and all House and Senate negotiations to take place in an open and public forum,” Price wrote in a Feb. 11 blog post for Red State. “By allowing television cameras in the room as negotiations take place, we can provide the transparency American taxpayers expect.”

Hat’s off to ya, Rep. Price. Others in Congress could learn a valuable lesson from you

Oh, just give him a break

From the “Predictable News” files …

Andrew Sullivan pleads with his readers to calm down and be patient, and to give Obama time re: renditions, Geithner, the economy, and, oh  – well just about anything.  After all, his intentions are always good and he is, after all, a “pragmatic president.”  And we know he gave the same due to President Bush, right?

— Other liberals, meanwhile, are engaging in infighting over whethe to even criticize Obama at this stage or whether they should keep the criticism to a minimum in order to … give President Obama time.

What the hell are these people talking about? President Obama promised miracles and he darn well better start delivering! STAT!  

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