Obama plans military detention of terror suspects – just not at Gitmo

Jacob Sullum is outraged, but I think it’s safe to say that we won’t see near the outcry we did over Bush and Gitmo from most of The Usual Suspects, including the Euro-elites abroad as well as Euro-elite wannabes here in the US. Why? Rusty Shackleford explains:

Bush-Hitler: Holding terrorists indefinitely without charge in Gitmo.

Hope-Change: Holding terrorists indefinitely without charge somewhere else.


Don’t get me wrong: I’m glad that the Obama administration apparently understands on some level the need to indefinitely hold suspected terrorists, but at the same time, it makes the apology-fest he had with Al Arabiya all the more outrageous, considering the fact that some of the very GWOT policies he indirectly criticized Bush for during that interview – and demagogued the administration over during the course of the campaign – he plans to do himself.

(Via James Joyner)

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