Obama speech open thread (MINI-LIVEBLOGGING)

11:00 PM: The AP (gasp) factchecks Obama’s speech.

10:40 PM: What is with the Fox panel – especially Juan Williams? I though Jindal gave a good response (transcript here).  He’s definitely not a rhetorical master like Obama, but he’s not a habitual flubster like President Bush was, either.

– I see some others were disappointed with the tone of Jindal’s speech, too. Oh well.   Obama sets the bar high for people’s expectations on speeches and there aren’t many Republicans out there who are going to be able to match it for the next four years.  We should get used to it.

10:25 PM: Jindal is giving his response.  Congrats Obama on historic win.

Jindal talks about his family’s immigrant history.

GOP has a responsiblity to be candid about our economic future.

Talks about Katrina.

To solve our current problems, the solution is not higher taxes.

Democrats were irresponsible with stimulus bill, leaving debt to our children.

GOP believes in universal access to healthcare, not gov’t run healthcare.

10:19 PM: Excellent summary from Will Wilkinson: “Oratorywise, so good. Ideawise, so weak. Combination, so dangerous.” (via Mark Hemingway).

10:04 PM: Will the factcheckers crawl out of the woodwork to factcheck this speech like they did Bush? I hope so.

10:00 PM: I will protect this country from terrorists.  I support the troops. I  have closed Gitmo in order to hold strong to American values.  What about other detention centers, Mr. President?  “We will not torture.”

9:55 PM: I can’t stand this.  Will it be over soon?

9:53 PM: Keeps taking partisan potshots  – “with the deficit we inherited.” Who created that deficit, Mr. President? The US Congress, with YOUR help as both a Senator AND President.

We passed a stimulus plan “free of earmarks”?  NOT.

9:51 PM: Responsibility for our childrens’ eductaion begins at home.

9:47 PM: Pounding your head on your desk? For a distraction, play the Americans for Tax Reform’s “O-Bingo” game (hat tip: ST reader forest hunter):

9:43 PM: Big healthcare will save the day.

9:40 PM: A reader emails and corrects me slightly on my prior post where I mentioned the Obama admin’s claim that Obama had “accomplished more” in 30 days that any modern president. I was skeptcial, but the reader noted that he’s probably spent more in 30 days that any modern president. Point taken.

9:38 PM: Government can help bring this country back. Must cut spending. I want to invest in energy, healthcare, and education. Wha?!

9:33 PM: The Obamessiah-tone officially arrives … savior of the country, etc.

Nancy Pelosi looks like she’s about to cry with joy.

Here’s a transcript of the speech.

9:24 PM: “95% of families will receive a tax cut” (even though 1/3rd of that don’t even pay taxes)

9:22 PM: Whitewashing the reasons for the housing crisis … sigh.

9:19 PM: “We will rebuild” – the economy.

Ugh … I see Chris Matthews has already gone off even farther off the deep end:

9:10 PM: The President arrives.

8:57 PM: Ah! One of the few good things about this evening: Seeing Brit Hume on Fox :x

Showing the court jester, er, Joe Biden now, alongside Princess Pelosi.

Here’s your thread to share your thoughts on tonight’s speech, which will air at 9 ET on all the major nets. I’ll be around, but won’t be liveblogging it word for word – will just post when something really catches my attention.

The Politico has excerpts from the speech. CNN has excerpts from Gov. Jindal’s prepared post-speech response.

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