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Posted by: ST on February 26, 2009 at 12:12 pm

The Chi-Tribune reminds its readers that President Obama, in his speech Tuesday night, told Americans that his admnistration had found $2 trillion in spending that they could “cut”:

Obama has suggested that the biggest building blocks of his deficit-reduction efforts will be increasing taxes on upper-income people, scaling back the Iraq War and making spending cuts that presumably will be specified when the budget comes out. He said in his speech to Congress on Tuesday that his administration had identified $2 trillion in trims.

The more I think about it, the more I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe in some weird way that it was best that Barack Obama got elected, because now he and other Democrats will get to see what it feels like to have to be the ones to tell people that their pet projects are going to have to be trimmed back or eliminated altogether, and then they’ll have to sit back and watch the yelling, infighting, and fingerpointing begin. On the other hand, unlike when a Republican president does things like that, the mainstream media will define Obama’s spending “trims” as “necessary cutbacks in a time of recession” whereas Republican reductions in future spending and in some cases outright cuts were and are usually characterized as “starving kids/hurting the homeless/hating the elderly” etc …

Can you tell I’m feeling extra cynical today?

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  1. Severian says:

    Unfortunately, the money he’s found that he can “trim” will all be out of the defense budget, you know, about the only thing the govt spends money on that it’s required to do so by the Constitution.

  2. Yep, he’ll definitely make some big cuts there, unfortunately, but I forsee him having to do so in other areas, too, and that’s when all the ‘special interest’ groups are going to start howling. Those groups won’t give a rip about defense cuts, but they will raise the roof on the other stuff.

  3. Lorica says:

    Wasn’t this 2 trillion over a period of 10 years?? If so, then it will mostly be Defense cuts. Which if you cut 200B out of an annual 500B Defense budget, most of it being Iraq expeditures, you will get to the 2T pretty quick and not upset to many apple carts. The Navy’s newsest AC Gerald R. Ford will probabably be scrapped that’s 400B to 500B right there. He probably would try to stop the George H.W. Bush, but it is almost completed, and crew training has begun.

    I have seen commercials asking people to call their congressional representatives asking them to not cancel F22 orders, at 142M each. If the Air Force wants to replace the F15 fleet with F22s, then you are looking at a purchase of another 600 Raptors, which is the latest data the Air Force has.

    You know the big question asked during the campaign was, “Do you feel safer??”. Well if these cuts take place, I can tell you the answer under the Obama presidency is a definate NO. – Lorica

  4. sears poncho says:

    Sister, I’m gonna disagree with you. It almost goes without saying that he is going to take an axe to the defense budget. As to other programs, he ain’t saying boo to anyone. I mean aren’t they double dipping on some 100 programs between HR-1 and the $411 Billion dollar budget to get us through the rest of the year? It’s been said somewhere else on the internet, but it seems that the only thing the government has learned so far is that they can borrow more than they ever imagined. And that’s probably not a good thing.

  5. Sister, Obama is not going to cut back any programs at all, and here’s why:

    1) It’s mostly an accounting trick. See this post at NRO’s The Corner and this one over at The Heritage Foundation.

    2) What he does actually cut will be mostly military programs like the badly needed F-22 Raptor, F-35 Lightning II, Virginia class subs, V-22 Osprey, DDG-1000 Zumwalt and missile defense. He hasn’t announced any of it yet, but just you wait.

  6. Carlos says:

    He actually may cut some projects outside of defense. Like, probably, any piece of pork one of the pretend Republicans put into any approved bill because it’s like, pork ya know, but all the lard ladled by any donkey was in fact necessary to the economic well-being of the nation…