Did Barack Obama want President Bush to succeed?

-How about on the surge in Iraq?
-How about on aggressive interrogation techniques?
-How about on keeping taxes low so the American people could keep more of their own money and so businesses could grow?
-How about on an amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman?
-How about on GSE reform?
-How about on Bush’s resistance to expanding SCHIP?
-How about on drilling in ANWR?
-How about on embryonic stem cell research?
-How about on his picks for the judiciary?
-How about on Bush’s resistance to signing the US on to the Kyoto treaty?
-How about on free trade?
-How about on school vouchers?
-How about on missile defense?
-How about on Bush’s opposition to socialized healthcare?
-How about on medical liability reform?
-How about on welfare reform?
-How about on the Patriot Act?

And there’s plenty more where that came from.

So with that in mind …. did Barack Obama and the Democrats want to see Bush have a successful administration? I think at least one intrepid reporter (Jake Tapper, perhaps?) should ask that question of both Obama and spox Robert Gibbs, who stumbled all over himself today in trying to answer questions about President Obama’s position on school vouchers, and Barack Obama himself.

Considering the debate going on right now as to whether it’s right or wrong to want Obama (or more specifically, his socialistic agenda) to fail, I think we all deserve an answer to the question I posed, which is an entirely fair one to ask. After watching them stumble to answer, maybe it will be more than obvious that trying to take on Rush Limbaugh at a time when there are so many pressing issues going on in this country is more than just “counterproductive” – it’s stupid.

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