Obama: Our “hero”!

Obama SupermanGolly gee – after seeing how an image of President Obama on the WH’s website was named, in part, “hero” for his “heroic” efforts on lifting the Bush-era limits on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, after reading his tribute to the late actor Christopher Reeve – who John Edwards once famously assured voters would “walk again” if he and John Kerry were elected in 2004, and after reading the mainstream media’s gushing praise for The One on his “rebuke” of President Bush, gosh darn it I just feel warm and fuzzy all over!

About as warm and fuzzy as I did when I read about the “courage” he claimed it took for him to give an anti-Iraq war speech in Chicago in October of 2002, in spite of the fact that it was in front of a crowd of anti-war liberals, and at a time when he took no political risk for doing so.

Really. How brave and heroic for him to reverse Bush’s policies on embryonic research, considering the strident and vocal opposition he’s faced on the issue from the majority of the Democrats in the House and Senate, the mainstream media, and the Hollywood left

Darn it – President Obama, next time you visit North Carolina, may I touch your Superman cape? I promise I’ll never wash the hand that touches the cape again! ;;)

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Update – 12:41 PM: MM adds:

What’s amusing is not that the term “hero” was used — “hero shot” is a common photography term to describe the best images of a series of shots.

What’s amusing is that every damned shot that’s ever taken of Dear Leader is classified as a “hero shot.”

Personally, I prefer this hero to that one …

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