Tonight’s “fireside chat” with Obama (UPDATE: TRANSCRIPT/VIDEO ADDED)

Tonight’s press conference (Democrat and This Week host George Stephanopoulos lovingly refers to it as a “fireside chat”) starts at 8 ET. Will you be watching? I won’t. I’ve become almost numb listening to Obama speak lately, and feel like pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth either isn’t true, is greatly embellished, or is a scare tactic designed to push us towards even more socialism. Quite frankly, I can’t stomach it tonight and instead will be cozying up with a good book and a bowl of strawberry ice cream.

For those who will watch, feel free to use this thread as an open thread to discuss the Q&A.

FYI, Gov. Jindal is headlining a major GOP Congressional fundraiser tonight in DC and will be making a speech at the fundraiser before Obama even gets a chance to glance towards the teleprompter.

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Update – 1:16 AM: The NYT has a transcript of the Obama presser. Here’s the full video:

Plus: Nice try, but you can’t hide the teleprompter, Mr. President.

Here’s a brief recap of Jindal’s remarks during tonight’s GOP fundraiser.

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