Earth Day predictions from 1970

Here’s a great flashback to scientific “experts” from the 70s warning of “catastrophe” if society didn’t do it’s part to combat “global warming” (or was it cooling? I can’t keep up with it all) fast.

That’s a post you need to bookmark, and forward to friends, especially on weeks like this one where we just observed another Earth Day and modern day “experts” are talking about what we “must” do in order to “save” the Earth before it’s “too late.”



7 thoughts on “Earth Day predictions from 1970

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  2. They call us fearmongers when we try to combat terrorism, something that has actually happened, yet they are constantly sounding the alarm on something that has proven to be false. These scientists are irresponsible alarmists on the government dole. The more alarm they cause the more funding they get. After all, if there is no crisis, all these “climatologists” are all the sudden out of a job. Cap and trade is a fleecing of epic proportions people. Tell your congressmen to give this thing a quick death.

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  4. Yeah, I remember reading blurbs (burps?) in the local paper about how we were just about to get frozen off the planet, too.

    Funniest thing, the same things that were causing “the coming Ice Age” are the ones now about to burn us to a crisp, and in many cases by the same people.

    Oh, well. Like Jason says, follow the money.

  5. I think we need to turn this into a true national holiday. Kind of a Thanksgiving for the Earth. We can give Government workers off, and no postal delivery or services, and might as well shut down the banks and Wall St. What the hey. Nothing tells the Earth that you love it like not driving into work that day. =)) – Lorica

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