Senator Chuck Schumer: Hypocrite extraordinaire


Read about what Chuck Schumer said about EITs in 2004 versus what he’s saying now.

Come to think of it, “hypocrite” is actually too mild a word to use for his two-faced stance on this vital issue. The word I’d really like to use isn’t suitable for publication.

Gee – another Democrat – alongside Pelosi and others, playing politics with our national security. How shocking.

Can we question their patriotism yet?

3 thoughts on “Senator Chuck Schumer: Hypocrite extraordinaire

  1. Of course it’s evil to use national security as a political issue, but consider this: Boehner, McCain and virtually all the rest of the Republicans do, too. They just happen to be on what we consider the “correct” side of the issue.

    Does that make it any better? As far as national security goes, yes, but in the end analysis I’d rather they were basing their decisions not on what is politically expedient for themselves, but on what is right and proper for the continuance of our nation.

    I say the above because, once in D.C., Republicans (almost without exception), just like donks, tend to decide that even with the most basic of core principle issues, compromise is the way to go, and our conservative “leaders” have become experts at justifying taking “half a loaf” over staying true to their principles.

    I don’t worry that our party is in shambles; I mourn that our nation is.

    And as far as “Schumer” and “intellectual quagmire” goes, one must have intellect to get into such a quagmire, and Chucky has never shown such a predisposition.

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