Let’s hear it for John Boehner! (UPDATE: BILL PASSES HOUSE – THANKS TO 8 GOPrs)

I just got home, just unloaded the surprisingly light 32″ TV out of the car and into the house via a hand truck, am getting ready to do some “woman’s work” (cleaning, cooking, laundry) and “man’s work” (trimming shrubbery and getting rid of spider webs off a section of my back porch). But I wanted to quickly log on and see what was going on in DC, and when I did, I read that House Minority Leader John Boehner is filibustering the National Energy Tax on the floor of the House as I type this, by reading the entire 300-page amendment that was put into the bill at the last minute by Rep. Henry Waxman at the last minute.

Malkin’s liveblogging it, and C-SPAN has the live video feed.

Love to watch the GOP in action when they’ve got spines! :D

Update – 11:42PM: Thanks to 8 spineless Republicans, the bill passed the House. Will be interesting to see if the bill can be stopped in the Senate.

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