Friday links – Palin resigning “within weeks,” Obama slammed on Honduras stance, etc

Posted by: ST on July 3, 2009 at 3:38 pm

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Hey ya’ll – got a late start today on my errand running and am just now getting back. I suspect many of you are headed out of town for the holiday weekend, are already out of town, or are gearing up for fireworks displays. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe and – as always – remember the reason for the holiday: to celebrate out independence from those filthy Brits ;) (and I say that with much love to our strongest ally on the world stage!).

Here are some links for your perusal this afternoon:

—– Obama is being slammed on his stance on the Honduras “coup”: Octavio Sánchez, a former public official in Honduras, writes in today’s CSM that what is going on in Honduras is not a “coup” but instead a “triumph” of the rule of law. Of course, anyone reading Fausta’s blog would have known this within hours of the so-called “coup” that it wasn’t – that gals’ on top of things, as always. James Kirchick pens a blistering attack on Obama’s Honduras “meddling” and proclaims that our celebrity President has chosen the wrong side. Erick Erickson takes a similar position, writing that “[Obama] aligns us with the interests of Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and a long list of South American drug cartels.”

Hey, maybe it’s all part of the schmooze plan he embarked on during the Summit of the Americans conference he disgraced this country at earlier this year.

—– In other news, Gov. Palin is scheduled at any moment to make an announcement from Wasilla about whether or not she will seek reelection next year. CNN is reporting that “sources” say she will not. As to why? Hmmm. Some suggest she may be gearing up for a 2012 presidential run, but I wouldn’t be so sure – having another term as governor under her belt (or partial term, anyway) would boost her executive experience creds. Maybe she’s had enough of the rough and tumble life of politics and wants some time away from the limelight? I’m sure we’ll find out in due time.

Ok – as I’ve been writing this, I see that Palin not only will not seek a second term as governor, but she will be resigning “in weeks” (via MM). What is going on?

More links to come in a few minutes.

—— The Washington Post is still obsessed with pLamegate. Sigh.

—– Will Colin Powell soon be joining the growing list of other Republicans who are second-guessing their decision to vote for Barry O?

—– Would you stand on this glass balcony/”skydeck” 103 floors up on the Sears Tower and be able to look down without losing your lunch? Count me out.

—– Please say a prayer for our military abroad this July 4th eve. The AP reports on how the Marines are “pushing deeper” into Southern Afghanistan towns in order to root out the Taliban. Close to 8 years later, the war in Afghanistan rages on.

—– The WSJ reports that the Christian left has launched a campaign on Christian radio stations urging church-goers to … support the President’s agenda on issues like “global warming” and “healthcare reform” by painting both issues as issues of “Biblical morality.” I know the left normally frowns on interjecting God into the political debate but if it helps them win over a few votes on their pet issues, I’m sure that’s another “principle” they won’t have any trouble abandoning.

—– Ben Smith notes that a second SC Congressman has called on Governer Sanford to step down.


Update on Palin – 4:19 PM: Fox is showing a tape of her news conference now. She addressed her administration’s accomplishments, and is now addressing the unprecedented media scrutiny and hatefulness she’s had to fight since she was announced as McCain’s running mate last year and how it’s taken a lot of her time and money, and the state’s time and money as well to combat.

Jim Geraghty hits on a point I hinted at earlier about the executive experience issue:

David Schuster is offering a typical sneering tone, but it doesn’t make it any less accurate: “If it’s true that she’s leaving the governorship before her first term is complete, her national political career is done.”

A broken clock can be right twice a day, and Schuster is right here. If Sarah Palin wishes to someday be President of the United States, then she had to serve at least one full term in statewide office. (Yes, Obama had been in the Senate for about two years before running for president, but he had a lot of stars align for him at the right moment. Beyond that, at some point, “but Obama did it that way” isn’t a persuasive argument.)

Departing with little or no warning, after about 30 months in office, is beyond surprising. I’m sure the Lieutenant Governor will do fine, but there’s definately a sense of leaving with work unfinished and as her career was just beginning to take off.

I know we’ve heard a lot of chanting “Governor, it’s time to resign,” but we meant Mark Sanford.

Indeed. Bill Kristol’s on Fox suggesting that this might have been a political move on her part in an effort to start work on a 2012 run. I doubt it.

So – Steele’s been a major disappointment as RNC Chair, Sanford’s presidential hopes have been dashed and political career all but over because he couldn’t stay faithful to his wife nor his state, ditto for Ensign in Nevada, and now Palin is (arguably) out of the race for 2012. If this was supposed to be the year that the GOP was supposed to launch its comeback, I’ve yet to see any evidence of it.

4:32 PM: By the way, best wishes to Palin on however she decides to conduct her life in the coming months. I think she endured more scrutiny in her two months of being McCain’s running mate (and beyond) than our President did in two full years of being on the campaign trail and she held up remarkably well in spite of it. That she’s decided to step down – whether it’s for her state, for her to get back to basics, both, or whatever – is a disappointment for the party obviously, but I hope she will finally get some peace away from the noise machine commonly known as the mainstream media and their cohorts in the Dem party, and at last be able to step back a bit and take a deep breath.

4:39 PM: More wise words from Geraghty:

Not finishing her first term will provide a major, major, major obstacle to any presidential bid. I thought a 2012 campaign would be a mistake; from today’s comments, it’s not clear whether Palin is still interested in that option.

But the moment she expresses an interest in a presidential bid, every rival, Republican and Democrat, will uncork the ready-made zinger: “If elected, would she serve the full four years, or quit sometime in the third year again?”

But as noted, Palin is 45. Life will go on, after this upcoming presidential election, and the next. People thought Richard Nixon was through after the 1960 election. When Ronald Reagan failed to dislodge President Ford in 1976, people thought he had blown his best chance at the presidency. People thought Bill Clinton destroyed his political future with an endlessly long-winded speech at the 1988 Democratic National Convention.

If Palin decides to seek the presidency at the age that Hillary Clinton was when she ran in the 2008 cycle, she will be running in… 2024. That’s a half a generation, and several political lifetimes, away.

Palin is departing the national political scene. But that does not discount a comeback, as a quite different figure, at some far-off date. She quoted Douglas MacArthur in her resignation announcement, referring to “not retreating, but advancing in another direction.” But the words most associated with Douglas MacArthur in American minds are “I shall return.”

We shall see.

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  • 41 Responses to “Friday links – Palin resigning “within weeks,” Obama slammed on Honduras stance, etc”


    1. NC Cop says:

      I just hope everything is ok with the whole family, medically speaking.

    2. Lorica says:

      but she will be resigning

      Who can blame her with the way these pukes on the left have treated her. They might be rejoicing now, but all this does is steel me that Obama is a communist and his agenda should be worked against, and I am more of a Sarah Palin fan than ever. I think this is a bold move, and probably in her heart she is more concerned about the people of Alaska and all the “distractions” that the left have been throwning at her. What a bunch of lowlifes. – Lorica

    3. Ron Russell says:

      I don’t have any idea what Sarah is up to, time will tell on that. Obama on the other hand has shown his true colors with the situation in Hondurus and few should have any doubts about the leftis, if not communist leaning president. Let me be quite clear, this mans actions are boarding on treason.

    4. KG says:

      If, as they are saying, 80% of her time was fighting back against these attacks on her, then she did the RIGHT thing for her state. Which is how it should be. A governor or senator or ANY political figure should think about the people they represent FIRST. And if she thought these jerks and interviewers and news idiots were taking up too much of her ‘governor’ time, then she was right to step down.

      I don’t think her political career is over at all. It depends on what she chooses to do with herself. There is still SARAHPAC raising money, and that can’t be for nothing. There are other political roles she could take on…Senator, perhaps. Or maybe even a right-wing person who is willing to say it like it is, without fearing re-election issues or anyone else giving her a hard time. We NEED someone like that. To take the fight right to Obama, to show the RINOs what’s wrong with the Republican Party.

      And if that means she will never be ‘qualified’ to run for the presidency, I’m okay with that. SOMEONE needs to speak up and be heard about the abominations going on in our country right now. And NO OTHER REPUBLICAN seems willing to do that.

      So, I don’t think this is it for Sarah. I don’t think it is related to a family illness or crisis. In fact, her latest twitter post and her husband’s comments make me believe that she will very much be involved in things.

    5. Frank Kealty says:

      I think everyone is misinterpreting the direction she intends to travel. It didn’t sound to me like she was giving up. I suggest that her sights are not on the White House in 2012 but in reinvigorating the conservative base and destroying the liberal agenda. She will no longer be tied up with frivolous ethics violations suits because as a private citizen she can go on the attack against Obama & Co in unrestricted mode.
      Liberals feared her while she was in office, I think they will rue the day the sicced their cronies on her and freed her from constraint. Think of Rush Limbaugh,
      Think of Sarah Palin. 20000 came to hear her talk after the election in upstate NY recently. 100 people showed up for Joe Biden in Erie PA. Liberals beware!

    6. Well, I’ll say it. If indeed she is walking away with her first term unfinished, it’s a major disappointment to me. I can’t argue with her reasons, given what she’s been through, but I think the nation really needs what she has to offer, and she’s just slammed the door on that. I had really hoped to see her inaugurated in 2013, something that gave me my own sense of Hope and Change. But now…


    7. Peter says:

      My first thought is that they are just about to find Excitable Andy Sullivan laying unconsicious in an alley with Todd’s bootpritnts up and down his backside and Sarah is resigning to raise money for the Todd Defense Fund.

    8. Lorica says:

      is a disappointment for the party obviously,

      Not for the party moderates Dear. They wanted her gone just as bad as the lefties.

      If she is “advancing in another direction” I would LOVE it if she looked to become the head of the RNC!!! I don’t believe for 1 minute that the RINOs would want that to happen, but I don’t care what they want.

      Also, now she is just a private citizen, and the news media garbage has to stop or they are looking at lawsuit, after lawsuit. – Lorica

    9. Lorica says:

      …and Bill Kristol agrees with me :D about time he caught up with me. :D – Lorica

    10. Lorica says:

      This also gives time for her Lt. Gov. to prove himself to the people of Alaska. If he does the right thing then you are going to see him re-elected. It makes sense especially if she is going to run for President in 2012. I am sorry but Jim G. is flat out wrong. – Lorica

    11. Leslie says:

      Oh I think Sarah’s far from done. The only question is whether she wants to run in 2012 or 2016. If she does run in 2012 and loses (likely), she would probably be done. So she’s better off waiting for 2016. I’m quite certain she’s going to find something to do with herself ‘ere then. Well, we’ll know soon enough–if she turns up in Iowa soon, she’s running in 2012.

      BTW: she remains a public figure, I’m afraid. She’s still not likely to win a lawsuit for slander or libel.

      Whatevs. I wish her and her family well.

    12. Great White Rat says:

      I understand her reasoning. The amount of time spent defending herself from the professional character assassins of the left is short-changing the people of Alaska. To her, public service is not about her, but about them. What this highlights is that she is not a narcissist. It’s a show of personal character.

      That said, I’d rather she stayed on and continued to fight the smear merchants. Granted, that’s not easy to do while still focusing on the demands of her office. But now, fairly or unfairly, she will be slammed as a quitter when she runs for anything again. She’s just handed opponents in both parties ammunition to use again her.

      I’m with Anthony on this one. She’s exactly the right mix of common sense, conservative ideals, personal character, and charisma that could have inspired the nation in 2012 – and it will need some inspiring after 3 more years of Dear Leader. But now you can forget 2012.

      Oh, and as for the glass balcony on the Sears Tower? I could walk there. The CN Tower in Toronto has a level with a glass floor about 1150 feet up, and I have a photo of my feet standing on it looking straight down. :d

    13. Baklava says:


      Political operatives descended on Alaska last August, digging for dirt. The ethics law I championed became their weapon of choice. Over the past nine months I’ve been accused of all sorts of frivolous ethics violations – such as holding a fish in a photograph, wearing a jacket with a logo on it, and answering reporters’ questions.

      Every one – all 15 of the ethics complaints have been dismissed. We’ve won! But it hasn’t been cheap – the State has wasted THOUSANDS of hours of YOUR time and shelled out some two million of YOUR dollars to respond to “opposition research” – that’s money NOT going to fund teachers or troopers – or safer roads. And this political absurdity, the “politics of personal destruction” … Todd and I are looking at more than half a million dollars in legal bills in order to set the record straight. And what about the people who offer up these silly accusations? It doesn’t cost them a dime so they’re not going to stop draining public resources – spending other peoples’ money in their game…

      I have learned one thing: LIFE is about choices!

      And one chooses how to react to circumstances. You can choose to engage in things that tear down, or build up. I choose to work very hard on a path for fruitfulness and productivity. I choose NOT to tear down and waste precious time; but to build UP this state and our country, and her industrious, generous, patriotic, free people!…

      And there is such a need to BUILD up and FIGHT for our state and our country. I choose to FIGHT for it! And I’ll work hard for others who still believe in free enterprise and smaller government; strong national security for our country and support for our troops; energy independence; and for those who will protect freedom and equality and LIFE… I’ll work for and campaign for those PROUD to be American, and those who are INSPIRED by our ideals and won’t deride them.

      I WILL support others who seek to serve, in or out of office, for the RIGHT reasons, and I don’t care what party they’re in or no party at all. Inside Alaska – or Outside Alaska.

      But I won’t do it from the Governor’s desk….

      In the words of General MacArthur said, “We are not retreating. We are advancing in another direction.”

    14. Baklava says:

      I support her decision to lower the state’s bills by resigning. The state has incurred cost for these witch hunts.


      AND SHE STATED IT. SHUSTER and GERAGHTY can do the due diligence of understanding or continue with the laziness.

      I don’t look at her as just ‘quitting’. She speaking with plain english people.

    15. Baklava says:

      Great comment GWR

    16. @Lorica:

      Not for the party moderates Dear. They wanted her gone just as bad as the lefties.

      I dunno. I don’t have a cite handy, but there was a recent poll showing her doing very well with moderate Republicans, too.


      …they are just about to find Excitable Andy Sullivan laying unconsicious in an alley with Todd’s bootpritnts up and down his backsideand Sarah is resigning to raise money for the Todd Defense Fund.

      :d =))

      @ Lorica again:

      This also gives time for her Lt. Gov. to prove himself to the people of Alaska. If he does the right thing then you are going to see him re-elected. It makes sense especially if she is going to run for President in 2012. I am sorry but Jim G. is flat out wrong.

      I can’t agree. Leaders don’t quit, and this is quitting. Leaving her first term early is an abandonment of the deal she made with those who elected her. And Parnell is already the Lt. Gov., so his performance on the job during this term should be enough to prove himself for election in his own right.

      I read her speech and most of the reasons sounded hollow or even incoherent to me. I can’t help but think there’s something else behind this, but what, I don’t know.

      I like Sarah Palin a lot and wanted to see her as President, but this has created some major questions.

    17. Lorica says:

      Sorry Anthony when I say party moderates I mean in party leadership, I was unclear there. My apologies.

      I read her speech and most of the reasons sounded hollow or even incoherent to me. I can’t help but think there’s something else behind this, but what, I don’t know.

      I watched the video of her on Fox, and I believe that she was genuine, and we will see what she has planned. Ohhh also, if he gets re-elected and continues to her policies, then isn’t that a victory for her??

      Leslie – you might be right, but this isn’t so much about libel and slander as it is frivalous lawsuits. You watch and see how fast much of this gargabe stops. – Lorica

    18. Lorica says:

      Also I pray the Hondurans stay strong against this concerted communist effort against her people. – Lorica

    19. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      So – Steele’s been a major disappointment as RNC Chair, Sanford’s presidential hopes have been dashed and political career all but over because he couldn’t stay faithful to his wife nor his state, ditto for Ensign in Nevada, and now Palin is (arguably) out of the race for 2012. If this was supposed to be the year that the GOP was supposed to launch its comeback, I’ve yet to see any evidence of it.


      The opinion of this small-tent conservative is as follows: one of the most poisonous legacies of the Bushes and McCain was how far to the Left these men pulled the Republican Party.

      With unemployment, gas prices and the deficit all soaring with no end in sight, with Iran on the verge of gaining nuclear weapons while crushing democracy protestors, with North Korea exploding nuclear bomb after nuclear bomb while testing ICBMs capable of hitting the US, with scandal after scandal rocking the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats, the GOP should be sitting on a 10-point lead in the generic Congressional ballots. Yet the best the Republicans can manage is a measly 2-point advantage in the latest Rasmussen poll – a margin that ACORN will easily erase in 2010.

      Even before the events of today I had decided to never vote for a Republican at any level ever again. In my home state of Texas (a so-called red state) Senator Hutchison is for all practical purposes a Democrat, and Senator Cornyn is not far behind. The trashing of Sarah Palin – which was aided and abetted by the GOP establishment – merely reinforces it. It was the McCain campaign in particular that hated her more than it wanted to win last November, even to the point of planting false stories about her in the media.

      As a conservative who voted for flawed candidates like Hutchison and Bush, it’s time to admit the obvious: by supporting the evils of these and other lessers I only succeeded is empowering the McCains and the Powells of the GOP, which has led to the demise of the Republican Party. Appeasement never brings peace – it only begets even worse candidates. As Mark Steyn recently noted, the “big tent” Republicans currently running the GOP believe the best way to make the big tent seem bigger is to empty it.

      So no more. No more Chris Christie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Olympia Snowe, and Susan Collins, Bye bye Richard Lugar, Charles Grassley, Colin Powell and Lindsay Graham. Adios Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Charlie Crist, and John Cornyn. So long Michael Steele, Mark Kirk, Tom Ridge and Mike Castle. Enjoy the empty big tent!

    20. Carlos says:

      Is there a U.S. senator election in Alaska next year? Seems she could do well in taking that one on, all the while staying in touch with the people of ALaska.

      The end of that term would also coincide with the 2016 election. Makes sense from that perspective, given the reasons she gave for resigning.

      And as far as “this concerted communist effort against her (Honduras’) people” goes, are you including our own president’s efforts in that? Very well spoken if you are.

    21. Lorica says:

      Carlos, if our President is in agreement with Chavez and Castro… then yes I am. – Lorica

    22. Great White Rat says:

      Carlos – yes, there is a Senate seat up for election next year in Alaska. Palin would first have to beat Lisa Murkowski in the primary and then beat the Democrat in November. The question is how well today’s resignation would sit with voters a year from now.

      And count me as one more who hopes the people of Honduras prevail against the Castro-Chavez-Ortega-Obama coalition.

    23. CZ says:

      Don’t be surprised if this turns out to be the beginning of a serious conservative third party challenge.

      You heard it here first.


    24. @Lorica

      Sorry Anthony when I say party moderates I mean in party leadership, I was unclear there. My apologies.

      Ah, okay. Now my pea-brain gets it. Yes, I agree that the Party insiders had it out for her. :-l

    25. Nina says:

      The next step is to regain Congress. She can organize and motivate the grassroots. The RNC with this rino is not going to do it. Look what she did in Georgia. If we regain congress and she figures highly she can run for Pres. By then the messiah will be the antChrist. She has to work in all the tight races and regain the political territory that McCain lost.

    26. MissJean says:

      I don’t see her as a quitter. The State of Alaska is footing the bill for Alinsky’s 10th rule of Means & Ends: Do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral garments. In this case, use lawful means to make accusations of ethics violations.

      Then Alinsky’s 10th tactic comes into play: Maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition (…) that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign.” Charges of ethics violations, one after another, must be investigated even if the workload slows everyone in the department down. So the system gets overloaded and the costs go up for not just the target, but everyone around the target.

      Just watch. As soon as Palin is out of the way, another conservative will be made a target.

    27. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      Don’t be surprised if this turns out to be the beginning of a serious conservative third party challenge.

      You heard it here first.

      I hope that you are right. I was a long-time skeptic of a conservative third party, but it’s clear that the Grand Old Party is now the Dead Old Party, and is being run by left-wing RINO hacks. A third party could shake up what’s left of the Republican Party – perhaps to the extent of serious reform.

      But it is far more likely is that she is tired of politics and the toll that it has taken on her children, and who could blame her?

    28. teqjack says:

      At a couple of places I’ve seen comments that she appears to have lost quite a bit of weight from a not-exactly-huge figure recently, which raises the possibility that in addition to everything else she or someone in the family is having even more health problems.

      I am torn between that and the millions of Alaskan State dollars her opponents spent, and the half-million she has spent, on meritless “ethics” charges.

      As to those calling her a quitter – peruse her history, starting with her expansion of a fishing license into a [more] prosperous business: even the Anchorage Daily, not exactly a supporter, would find “quitter” risible.

    29. Foxx says:

      There is no third party coming over the horizen to save this republic. Both parties right now have become one with the agenda of making this government then what the Founding Fathers had in mind. Our options are and should be to clean out both parties of the progessive debris thats clogging the arties of freedom. Looking for another parth to save the day is a waste of time and a divide of our resources and talents.

      If you think you have enemies in either Repubs or Democrats, librals or conservatives; then i call you a fool who needs a wake up call. A third party, if survives inception and so far none have, only makes things worse because they become another brand name to use against anyone who uses that moniker.

      Want to fix whats going on then go to your locale tea party, make some friends, find out who is where and why they are there and start corrdinating a conservative come back. I tell ya now, its going to take time because there are no quick fixes and no silver bullet canidate thats going to save the day. We the people are going to do that. Once agains through determination and effort. Time to put down our differences and get to work like the people who are trying to take apart this country.

      2010 is a nice start, but its a step in a long path of many steps beforce we turn around this decades of corruption in this country.

    30. Lorica says:

      A third party, if survives inception and so far none have,

      With the exception of the Republican Party, it has survived. Our problem is the idiotic moderate leadership, who want us to act just like the Democrats. – Lorica

    31. Great White Rat says:

      even the Anchorage Daily, not exactly a supporter, would find “quitter” risible.

      Whether it’s true is irrelevant in a political campaign. What matters is how the voters perceive it.

      As I said above, this is ammunition for her opponents. Do you think they won’t use it? Anyone who runs against her – primary or general election – will blanket the airwaves with ads saying, in effect, “when the going gets tough, Sarah quits”.

      That will resonate with a lot of voters, true or not. She will spend much of her next campaign defending this action instead of promoting her platform and vision for the future. Serving out her term and not running for re-election would not be a problem. Leaving now is the problem.

      The more I think about it, the more I agree with Ed Morrissey: it’s the end of her national political career. And that’s sad…I for one would still vote for her in a heartbeat.

    32. Brontefan says:

      It may very well be the end of her political career on the national stage; however, I would not be so quick to count her out. I do think this barrage of disparagining media coverage thrust on her and her children, constant hammering, is wholly unfair when it is clear she is the only target. There is something about Palin that terrifies the Democrats/Liberals. Whatever it is, I admire and applaud it! I wonder if OB could have handled the type of hammering they thrust on her. OB did everything he could to thwart any criticism on himself both via his family, his associations with anti-Americans, and the race issue. Whatever Palin decides to do, I am a willing supporter of any conservative political figure who actually believes that she/he works for us. An interesting concept in light of our recent Superstar Prez.

    33. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      To add to Lorica’s comments:

      Milton Freidman, the Nobel-winning libertarian economist, one noted that the Socialist Party was the most powerful third party in American history. Why? Because even though it never got more than a small percentage of the vote and held a tiny handful of elective offices many of its economic proposals were adopted by both the Republican and Democrat Parties.

      Today, the Democrat Party has morphed completely into the Socialist Party, even to the point of nominating and electing a Robert Mugabe-style strongman. Once in power the Won launched a crackdown on the Bill of Rights. Thanks to McCain and Bush, the GOP is not far behind in its embrace of socialism, and GOP senators and representatives elbow each other to push for socialized health care and environmental regulations.

      Foxx is completely wrong. Third parties have a long history of forcing the major parties’ hands, and even if all that a conservative third party does is keep folks like McCain and Snowe from being re-elected, then it will have performed a major service to the country. If the present GOP leadership will not see the light, then instead make them feel the heat.

    34. Foxx says:

      You need a third party to do OUR job as citizens of this country? Why don’t WE force their hands? These parties full of fail the only thing you can expect from them is they are going to try and take over your life some time down the road or pander to groups that will get them voted into office. Kinda like what they are doing now.

      Its OUR responsibility to keep this Republic, not some damn party who WILL ignore us at their leisure and not at their peril. We don’t start taking these parties apart now in the near future we will be subservient to them. The American People can be the third party so we don’t waste our efforts while these parties gives us communism or fascism.

      We really don’t have a lot of time to pick which we want to do; clean the rats nest out or start a third party.