Obama administration: It’s not “secrecy” when we hold private meetings

Posted by: ST on July 22, 2009 at 10:20 am

Unlike it was with, you know, BusHitler (via Memeorandum):

The still sort-of new Barack Obama Democratic administration has again adopted yet another policy straight out of the administration of his much-criticized Republican predecessor George W. Bush.

Obama administration officials have rejected a watchdog group’s request for a list of healthcare industry executives who’ve been meeting secretly in the White House with Obama staffers to discuss pending healthcare changes being drafted there and in Congress.

According to the Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington, which is suspicious of the influence of health industry lobbyists and company officers, it received a letter from the Secret Service citing an Obama Justice Dept. directive and denying access to visitor logs under the “presidential communications privilege.”

Sound familiar?

Remember the holy hulabaloo in the early Bush years when Vice President Dick Cheney met in the White House compound with energy industry officials and refused to release a list of those executives and the frequency of their visits? That controversy was propelled by critical Democrats and was before Obama’s brief Senate tenure.

And it was one of the reasons that candidate Obama promised a government more “open and transparent to the people” – as Andrew Malcolm documents well at the link above. He also notes how VP Biden has been holding what the Obama WH used to officially call “private meetings” at both his home and at the WH. What are they called now?

“Meetings that are closed press.”

Now that’s a “change” – in terminology, anyway – that you can believe in. And yes, it is most definitely “transparent.” /:)


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16 Responses to “Obama administration: It’s not “secrecy” when we hold private meetings”


  1. Carlos says:

    The best disinfectant may be sunlight, but you’ll never get this abomination of skags to be transparent. Not even a vat of disinfectant could begin to scour the stench of evil, treacherous secrecy from D.C. now.

    And all those self-righteous, hypocritical crappoes thought the GW admin was bad?

  2. Brontefan says:

    Considering where OB came from–the Chicago Political Machine–and his use of the TV & Internet to schmooze his way into the WH–with the help of ACORN, why would anyone be shocked at this latest news? A few nights ago, there was a liberal educator on the Hannity panel and she kept repeating herself: “we must realize that the ends justifies the means.”

  3. Lorica says:

    When the means are evil and tyranny, they never justify the ends. – Lorica

  4. Great White Rat says:

    Lorica, the “ends” are tyrannical as well – statist control over how you live, what you drive, what you eat, where you get your medical care – need I go on?

    As for “transparency”, that’s one place where Obama actually has kept his word. I for one have had no problem seeing right through him or anyone else in this day-care center they call an administration.

  5. 2Hotel9 says:

    Of course its not!!!! And those are not monkeys flying out Barri’s ass, they are unicorns, carrying big ol’ baskets of Hopey Changemas presents for all the good little boys and girls.

    Can you say “hypocrites”? I knew you could!

  6. Carlos says:

    If one wishes for transparency, go to a window shop. It hasn’t been anywhere around in D.C. for many, many decades.

  7. Jo says:

    Carlos said, And all those self-righteous, hypocritical crappoes thought the GW admin was bad?

    Yes, Carlos, and they still do. In their warped minds, Obama, good and light and every wittle ting he does is for us, his all-adoring people suffering under evil Republican policies enacted by the evil dictator George Bush.

    Hello? Will they ever wake up? At least if this massive spending health package, yet another welfare system run amok passes, they can’t blame that on the other side. I’m proud to say Jim DeMint is my Senator.

  8. Kate says:

    So true Carlos! It’s the Washington mentality combined with good old Chicago corruption…that’s about as transparent as we’ll ever see.

    The truth be told we will never know what kinds of deals are being made now with the health care bigwigs until it’s too late…hey, is there some intelligent journalistic investigator in Washington that is smart enough to find a health care “Deep Throat” willing to spill their guts????

  9. Carlos says:

    With this admin I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see a “Deep Throat”, but you know that His Hollowness would want to give him a tonselectomy and any of his sycophants would take that to mean Teh One wants him dead, kinda like with a certain king of England back before the break with the Church.

    That’s the difference between Nixon and Obama. At least Tricky surrounded himself with people who knew what “over the top” was, while this admin sees EVERYTHING as on the table.

  10. Lorica says:

    You know, I am just going to quote Steven Speilberg from here on out. After the, thankfully, last Star Wars film came out, this goofball gives an interview where he spews some nonsense about how close we were to becoming the Empire, in regards to GW’s presidency. So I figure that in all reality, not the Star Wars reality of people like Speilberg, I am just thankful that we haven’t become like the Empire under our current communist leadership, well we haven’t yet let’s just say. – Lorica