Caption This: Rahmbo Edition (Friday Open Thread)

Have at it, ya’ll:


White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel listens to U.S. President Barack Obama during a news conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington in this June 23, 2009 file photo.
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12 thoughts on “Caption This: Rahmbo Edition (Friday Open Thread)

  1. Waterloo begins (even though it’s nowhere near historically-accurate)…

    Rasmussen has total Obama approval at 49%/disapproval at 51%.

    Fox News finds health care “reform” unpopular, people want their Representatives to actually read the bills.

    Is it any wonder that Congress is preparing end runs to bypass the “Blue” Dogs on ObamaCare?

  2. Top Ten Facts To Know About “Obamacare”

    1. Those with insurance now will pay more than their present insurance plan

    2. Those with no insurance will be paying the same

    3. Illegal aliens who were not covered before, will noe be covered

    4. Your doctor who is easily accessible to you, will be more difficult to see in the future, because of the 46,000,000 new patients with government insurance entering the system

    5. You will share doctors’ waiting rooms with 46,000,000 new patients

    6. There is no money to pay for it

    7. If you love the “turtlebahn” and the Stimulus bill, you will love Obamacare

    8. If you love the bailouts, you will love Obamacare

    9. If you like standing in line at the post office, you will love standing in line at the doctor’s office

    10. If you think that a new 1000 page federal bill that:

    a) was written by Obama and has not been read by a single congressman,

    b) proposes a new trillion dollar government Obamacare program

    c) will insure 46,000,000 new patients, including 10,000,000 illegal aliens that cannot afford insurance now and must be obviously paid for by some one else

    will NOT affect you (who is already having trouble paying for your own insurance, let alone pay for additional coverage for others):………… then you might need to see a Obamachiatrist.

  3. Okay, Doctors, cops and, wait, wait, that’s it! Slutty Nuns! What! Don’t stop now! Tell us about the Nuns!

  4. I need to call my staff to see if they’ve got that horse’s head ready to sneak onto La Duchesa Pelosi’s bed tonight.

  5. Obama: “Now, uh, is the, uh, time to, uh, launch our, uh, final operation.”
    Rahm: “The Jedi shall fall!”


    Rahm: *reads the latest polling data* “Boy, I knew I was right to vote for McCain.”

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