Sarah Palin officially resigns as Alaska Governor, takes shots at MSM

Palin's farewelEd Morrissey has a good commentary and video this morning of Sarah Palin’s resignation speech over the weekend in which she thanked supporters and took several good shots at the MSM, warning them to leave incoming Governor Sean Parnell’s family alone and to “quit makin’ things up.”

Conservatives4Palin has the full farewell address. The transcript can be read here.

Of course, the speculation will continue as to whether or not she is preparing for a 2012 presidential run. While I wouldn’t rule out anything, I stand by my initial remarks about her resignation in that it wouldn’t make sense for her to drop out of the Governor’s seat now as she wouldn’t have a full term under her belt to claim if she did run against our celebrity President. And as I said on Rick Moran’s show a couple of weeks ago, I think the bottom line is she figured she could do more outside of state government to advance conservative causes than she could in it, considering the wave of ethics complaints that hit her from hateful Democrats and spiteful Republicans who couldn’t stand the fact that she was and is an unconventional politician who doesn’t fit in any political box.

I wish her well in her future endeavors, and I hope she continues to give the mainstream media and her other detractors hell.

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