Another “that was then, this is now” moment – with Barack Obama

Posted by: ST on July 28, 2009 at 11:25 am

Can you guess what then-Senator Barack Obama said in 2004 about President Bush allegedly “shoving” legislation through Congress without allowing time to fully read the legislation and debate it? Find out here (via Don Surber).

Somebody, somewhere has got to have a blog – or start a blog – about how many flip flops this guy has done since he was sworn in as President. It’s almost a daily event.

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8 Responses to “Another “that was then, this is now” moment – with Barack Obama”


  1. Doug Hagin says:

    OK, scrap that whole Hope and Change stuff! It is time to redefine Obama’s legacy. How about Flip and Flop! instead?

    OK, here is another idea. Since John Kerry MIGHT just own the rights to Flip and Flop, let’s try a different name. How about Hope and Changetastical Change: where change keeps on changing! :d

  2. Rose says:

    HOPE is now a four letter word. For that matter, so is CHANGE.

  3. Brontefan says:

    I am afraid you don’t understand Liberals: they can but you can’t!!! The idea that Liberals have the market cornered on sensitivity to minorities, gender issues, racism, etc. is absurd. The want you to believe they are caring of the population but how many of those simple Americans who voted for this guy knew he wanted to instill a Marxist ideology into our country? I would guess that Media Malpractice, the documentary about the mainstream media’s treatment of Sarah Palin versus Obama–should give you insight into how much his supported did NOT know about him and his plans for this country.

  4. Tom TB says:

    Candidate Obama criticized then lame-duck President Bush for not capturing/killing Osama bin laden, and said that would one of his first objectives. President Obama has never mentioned his name.

  5. Cheryl B says:

    Obama is like a wind-up toy – he will say and do anything he has to in order to achieve his goal – a socialist America!!! My guess is that the people who voted for Obama are now waking up and wondering what has happened to their freedoms!

    To Tom TB: you are exactly right, he has never spoken the name of Osama Bin laden: he also made a change in the word terrorist and the war on terror: now it is something stupid like “man made disaster”???? Now, who is acting “stupidly”???


  6. yo says:

    I would like to give another ‘that was then’ moment.

    The libs are all over some comment that republican rep fox made about obama letting seniors die.

    Am i the only one that remembers bill clinton press secretary mike mccurry telling reporters that republicans probably want seniors to die. He said it from the podium during in his official capacity and guess what? The reporters laughed. Just like they laugh at gibbs nonsense.

    1 obama is actually wanting to decide what services seniors will get.

    2 would someone with a readership please point out that mccurry and democrats have been saying this stuff, w/o cause forever, and getting away with it. Now that we say it, with cause, they scream.

  7. bill glass says:

    Most people that I know who voted for Obama aren’t aware of anything that’s going on. Lack of information and ignorance are Obama’s best ally.

  8. Carlos says:

    Lack of information is a lib’s stock-in-trade. So is ignorance. I mean, when is the last time you had a conversation with a lib where they were actually able to put two coherent sentences together AND stay on-topic?