Michelle Malkin delivers early Christmas present to conservatives by leaving VIEW liberals stunned

Posted by: ST on August 3, 2009 at 8:18 pm

It’s been one of those typical crazy, hectic “so glad it’s over” Mondays, so I was elated when I got home this evening to find out that not only was Michelle Malkin on The View, but that she left the liberal “womyn” on the show I refuse to watch again stunned and sometimes speechless while talking about the culture of corruption in the Obama administration.

Catherine Maggio from Newsbusters has a good recap of what was said. And of course this post wouldn’t be complete without a video link:

Joy Behar, who is so obsessed with the alleged “illegality” of the Iraq war, didn’t know what hit her. Love it.


Related: Kruggie – yes – Kruggie defends MM against “progressive” bloggers. Wonders never will cease!

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17 Responses to “Michelle Malkin delivers early Christmas present to conservatives by leaving VIEW liberals stunned”


  1. I’m not a big fan of Michelle Malkin, because she too easily gives in to snark and intransigence on some issues; I think it hurts her appeal beyond the “core” Right.

    That said, when she’s on the trail of a story, I’ve seen few journalists more dogged or thorough. (Her story of Commerce Secretary Locke’s likely dirty money from China is compelling) I just received my copy of Culture of Corruption today, and the footnoting is impressive. I’m looking forward to reading it and consider it almost a sequel to the warnings given by David Freddoso in his The Case Against Barack Obama.

    Anyway, and getting back on track, yeah, she can annoy me, but watching her take down those nitwits on The View was a joy to behold. :)

  2. NC Cop says:

    Michelle Malkin delivers early Christmas present to conservatives by leaving VIEW liberals stunned

    Of course she did, she used the truth and facts. No liberal argument can stand up to that.

    Poor little Joy. I think she’s very depressed that Bush is gone. She has nobody to blame her lousy and washed up career on. Poor baby.

  3. MM massacres the lying libtards, as usual! says:

    Michelle Malkin is a LITERAL goddess and, this goes without saying, WAYYY to high-brow, intellectually superior and down-right gorgeous to even be breathing the same air in the same 5 square miles as these ignorant blathering hags. I really don’t understand why she would even bother wasting any of her time with these insignificant tiresome logically deficient trolls. Putting Michelle in a debate with the pathetic loons from the view is like a dropping a mega nuke on gathering of roaches.. total obliteration! Michelle your just far too good to grace a crapfest like this with your presence sweetheart. Leave the filthy gutter snipes in the sewer where they belong as they don’t deserve to be on the same planet as you.

  4. Susan says:

    Way to go Michelle!! I am so proud of you!!!!

  5. Carlos says:

    MM has an advantage over a male on the show (say, for instance, O’Reilly, but even any lib nutcase male) because she doesn’t have to be polite and not interrupt when something stupid comes out of the mouth of one of their famously informed regular crew, but it’s good to see such a smackdown anytime.

  6. Prudence California says:

    Michelle’s new book “Culture Of Corruption” is amazing. She proves that Obama is just another greedy politician straight from the Chicago mob form of government. Hopefully, the great American electorate will wake up from their foolish trance in time to save our economy from destruction and our freedoms from disappearing. Thank you Michelle for your enormous public service. Your book is deeply researched, well-written and fascinating.

  7. Jo says:

    I still can’t believe people watch that irritating, ridiculous Joy prattling on with her hatred of Bush and the audience sits there giggling and applauding. I guess we get what we deserve in this country. I suppose Joy thinks that Obama pees liquid gold.

  8. Leslie says:

    Game set and match Malkin is about right ST. You wonder why the women weren’t better prepared.

    Elisabeth might actually have read the book.

    Joy obviously didn’t.

    Whoopi’s outfit reminded me of something a British nurse might have worn in the Victorian age.

    Michelle! You are too thin. Go immediately to Sal and Carmine’s Pizza at 102nd and Broadway.

  9. Brontefan says:

    Michelle Malkin delivers early Christmas present to conservatives by leaving VIEW liberals stunned

    Thank you so much! I never watch the show; I cannot stand seeing uninformed females pretending they know what is going on in the political sphere, Elizabeth notwithstanding. I happen to like Michelle Maulkin & have ordered her book. Sometimes I can’t help wondering why so many in the media and academic world buy into this socialist rhetoric. Where has our educational system failed if we have so many educators who are pushing socialism?

  10. Toni Wright says:

    Yes, I voted for Obama wanting a change from the tired administration that we as a nation had sub-come to. As with any ‘man’ we can only put our trust as far as we can see him. We can only believe the words that are uttered from his mouth until action is delivered. Was I 100% for Obama, no I was not? However, I am allowing him the opportunity to move through the mist of corruption and despair that was already in the White House in hopes that he will prove himself worthy. I am willing to give him time and support. I was open to hear what Michelle Malkin had to say, but her defensive mannerism totally overpowered her information whether accurate or inaccurate. My suggestion to her, if you want to win over more than your current Bush loving supporters; offer support and a solution to the problem, not just empty rhetoric as to how this President is not doing his job. We all have been there, done that with Bush. We cannot expect Obama to change the nation unless we change.

  11. Great White Rat says:

    Toni, can I ask you a question? Promise you won’t be offended? I mean this in the nicest possible way.


    ARE YOU F#$%ING NUTS?????

    Has your head been so clogged up with BDS that you are willfully blinding yourself to what is happening before your eyes? Your post is a mass of contradictions. You admit that Obama is only a ‘man’, yet you put total blind messianic faith in whatever he says (“We can only believe the words that are uttered from his mouth”), no matter what the facts are. You say things like this:

    However, I am allowing him the opportunity to move through the mist of corruption and despair that was already in the White House in hopes that he will prove himself worthy.

    Can you elucidate what the “corruption and despair” were? Concrete facts, please, not just the usual “I hated Bush” mantra.

    Then you can explain how he’s “proving himself worthy” by appointing a record number of tax cheats and lobbyists to run things.

    Now I know you’re not big on facts – you admit that you don’t care whether Malkin’s information is accurate or not – but here’s an inconvenient truth for you: Obama is a product of the most corrupt political machine in America. You do not advance in Chicago Democrat politics by cleaning up corruption. To them, ‘being worthy’ means playing along with the crooks. It means being cozy with criminal vote fraud outfits, like ACORN (taught their craft, incidentally, by Obama – you can look it up). If you honestly thought Obama was some sort of good-government crusader, you’re either extremely stupid, extremely gullible, or deliberately obtuse and partisan. Ironically, there WAS a candidate last year who DID have a track record of cleaning up the “mist of corruption”, and in her own party no less, but I’m sure you’ve been programmed to hate her too.

    We cannot expect Obama to change the nation unless we change.

    Well, there’s your problem. America has provided the highest standard of living in history, advanced freedom more than any nation in history, and is the most generous nation mankind has ever known. Well, who wouldn’t want to change that???

    No thanks. Call me someone who clings to his religion, his guns, and his health care plan, but I value my freedom. I do not accept that you, or Obama, or any other would-be commissar has the right to take away my liberty. This nation was founded on freedom, and it works. If I work hard and succeed, I expect to be able to keep what I’ve earned, not have it confiscated by an unelected “czar” who uses the money to buy votes. I have no intention of “changing” into the shackles you want to slap on me.

    Now, you like the idea of a leader who shouldn’t be questioned, where the government runs every aspect of your life, and where hating the traditional America is de rigeur. Fine. There are lots of places on earth where you can go TODAY and do exactly that. Go there, and you should be happy. Leave the rest of us who still like our liberty alone. Deal?

  12. Carlos says:

    Toni, what planet are you from? Even Nixon’s appointees to cabinet posts didn’t have unprosecuted crimes before appointment! How does that square with “giving him a chance”? What kind of a chance do you want him to have, or how many?

    The guy is President of the United States, for crying out loud! He’s supposed to have some clue about what kind of people he’s appointing to extremely sensitive jobs, and the best he can do is Geithner, a tax cheat? Emanuel, whose favorite word is the “f” bomb? A cabinet full of Ivy League nincomepoops whose collective common sense couldn’t get them out of a 1950s soda fountain?

    Go back to your NYT daily and read the love stories to Big Zero there to get off on your hero.

  13. Dave B says:

    Are you serious? You obviously don’t know what a Bush critic Michelle was nor do you know that she has been steadfast in her views. If the stark reality of intelligent evaluation and idealogic defense of Obama wasn’t obvious then I don’t know what to say. I tend to think you might be smarter than that and would, in your own privacy, evaluate what transpired on that show. Michelle made fools out of them because… they are fools.

  14. Linda F says:

    Yeah, I saw it – almost never am around and watching TV at that hour. But, I was down with pneumonia and in the hospital, so watched her deliver some sharp words to Joy (loved it!)

    She pointed out, reasonably, that Bush was no longer in office, and took the conversation back to Obama’s homies. Whoopi and Joy could only stammer “Bush…Bush”. The other Black lady (can’t remember her name) seemed to actually listen. Elizabeth seemed drained – maybe it’s the pregnancy.

  15. KSE says:

    Everyone needs to wake up and realize no matter what party is in power government will never be for the people, ever, again.

    It’s all about money and power. Politicians work hard, mainly campaigning for money to win their next election. Everything is up to you….don’t count on what you see and hear from Government, only what they do. Having an honest debate is important but the first thing liberals say, but, in the Bush Administration …. get over it. Bush is living a great life in Texas enjoying his millions. Obama will be doing the same thing once he is out of office. The biggest mistake many Americans make is thinking someone in Government REALLY CARES about you!! Everything you see, read, and hear is about perception selling and the saddest of it is: MANY BELIEVE IT!!

    Read Dr. Wayne Dyer, who didn’t care for Bush, new book: EXCUSES BEGONE. You will realize your life and lifestyle is not predicated by what Government does …. it’s about you, what you are, what you do, and what you become.

    Everyone needs to realize being self-supporting and independent is up to you not some lobby support bureaucrat in DC or in your state legislature.

    We are living in a world where we believe perception is TRUTH! Nothing could be further from actuality.

    Most TV shows, liberal and conservatives, are not about TRUTH, rather about RANKINGS and MONEY. And most are about entertainment to sustain those rankings.

    Michell Malkin can back up her statements with facts, something, most cannot do. When will Americans stop, look, listen, and fully understand and appreciate TRUTH?

    If anyone believes government is about anything other than getting re-elected, power, money, and finding ways to spend it, you are in for disappointment after disappointment until THE SUN SETS IN YOUR LIFE.

    I do know some truthful Congress People, but, guess what, you never see them on TV. They get up each day and try to do what’s right for American Citizens, not be thinking of what their next sound bite will be!

    Ask yourself this: If there were no lobbyist; if there was no fund raising; if everyone had to conduct their campaigns by grassroots marketing; if they had to use their own money and were limited to donations of $1, how many of the current politicians would be in office?

    Who would be in office if we had a 100% turn out of eligible voters?

    The reason politicians are so eager to pass all this legislation is because they will be entering their campaign modes shortly.

    Another question: Why do we not get daily body counts any more? Men and women are loosing their lives each day and it’s not reported in the vile veracious way it was the last 8 years.

    Wanna changed government??: HOW ABOUT A LAW ON TERM LIMITS? If we had term limits of 6 years for the House and Senate and 8 years for President (which we have), that would give each politician, a collective chance to served 12-20 years in Government….isn’t that enough? Not to mention, many of them stay in DC as lobbyists, advisers, consultants, after they are out-of-office, making more money than ever.

    Most people believe politics is this tight little circle of people in DC…I state and believe it’s a tight global circle that is headed towards dominance of citizens around the world.

    The “golf ball of politics” needs it’s cover opened; all the rubbery windings removed, which will expose what really makes a golf ball react the way it does. What is it? The small energy dissipation core, which represents world dominance and control by a small group of very wealthy people from around the world. All other components are smoke screens that obliterates transparency of it’s core, while providing protection and secretcy. Most everything of substance and significance is about money and power and attaining more money and power for a select few. Human beings are but scrap recipients of a much larger, more powerful global effort.

    Thank you Michelle for exposing corruption, deceit, and lies, regardless of where it emanates!!

  16. KSE says:

    And I agree totally what Great White Rat posted. Tony is one of these folks that believe his life is what Government makes it …. not what he makes it!!