The real meaning of “grassroots” – according to BarryO and the DNC

Posted by: ST on August 6, 2009 at 11:55 am

Check out Ed Morrissey’s post about the latest missive that has come down from the Barackopolis to the masses, encouraging them to get involved in the town hall discussions on ObamaCare. Take note especially of the flyer they want Obama supporters to wave around at the town halls. It’s absolutely hysterical, especially when you consider how the admin has falsely painted opposition to ObamaCare as being “funded and organized from the highest levels of the RNC.”

Four questions:

1) Since when did our Community Organizer in Chief start opposing communities, well, organizing themselves?

2) How is it that older citizens and seniors are “coordinated right wing mob squads” but minions sent out by team Obama to the town halls represent a “real grassroots movement”?

3) Related to that, why is President Obama via the DNC sending out email directives to his faithful followers encouraging them to attend town halls ok but various conservative groups doing similarly with those fed up with not getting answers isn’t?

4) Assuming – for laughs – that all the folks (including veterans) at these town halls raising a stink about ObamaCare were bought and paid for “Brooks Brothers gangs,” what does that make the evil lobbyists Obama once claimed to oppose who are using their weight – via $$ and, in some cases, their positions inside the Obama admin – to get ObamaCare passed and signed into law by our celebrity President?

Really. Inquiring minds want to know.

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8 Responses to “The real meaning of “grassroots” – according to BarryO and the DNC”


  1. Carlos says:

    1) Ideology is everything, ST, and one can’t be let loose to organize for just anything, now, don’tcha know?
    2) “Real grass roots movements” begin in the offices of ACORN, SEIU, NEA, etc. Anybody should know that!
    3) Well, ya see, it’s o.k. to organize a grassroots movement from a central point nationally (like, say, in the WH), but as soon as some local yokal wants to muck things up by gathering a few friends (and no one from out of town, like His Hollowness’ jackals will be doing) to let their duly elected commissar, I mean representative, know he’s an idiot, then you become a danger to the state. I’m looking forward to some oldster’s nose beating up on a union goon’s fist.
    4) It makes them good enough to not have to wear those cheap BB threads. Don’t want to make His Hollowness look shabby now, do we? And can someone get the boy to fetch me a drink whilst I plan the next move with my savior?

  2. SpideyTerry says:

    I knew something like this was only a matter of time. Dennis Miller and others nailed it pretty quickly – Obama is a thin-skinned weenie. He can’t take criticism. Anytime he’s confronted with it, he whines and runs for help from his stooges. Now, he’s organizing (heh) resistance to people expressing their opinions and scare them into submission.

    I’ll tell ya this much – I don’t fear terrorists like al-Qaeda. Why the hell would I fear chumps like Obama?! Something tells me I’m not alone in that regard.

  3. Carlos says:

    Ya know, maybe J. Napolitano was right, it’s about time to redefine the terrorists. She just got it wrong about who to redefine them as. It’s becoming more and more obvious the new terrorists are being directed from the WH, and if you’ve ever seen an angry union mob then you’ll know what I mean. If those geriatric angry folks at the meetings scare the politicians, the politicians are bigger wusses than I thought.

    The unions, like our glorious leader, aren’t quite pure as the driven snow. Probably not quite pure as the splashed mud, come to think about it.

  4. Steve Skubinna says:

    Since when did our Community Organizer in Chief start opposing communities, well, organizing themselves?

    Surely you’re not that obtuse, are you ST? If communities organize themselves, then what need is there for community organizers, you racist Nazi, you?

    Nothing personal, but I now have to denounce you. Sorry, but it’s you or me, Sis.

  5. Jo says:

    Chicago thug tactics at play. Yes, he is thin-skinned and a would-be dictator. Just depends on the strength and intestinal fortitude of the true grass-roots, free-thinking, liberty-loving citizens out here to unite, keep up the good fight and resist (although this may well land us in concentration camps–I mean FEMA camps) and on the ‘what’s going on out there that is fishy’ flagged e-mail list. If the payees of society and ACORN, the AFL-CIO are too powerful and too well funded by Barry O, maybe it is a lost cause.