House votes to “formally rebuke” Joe Wilson

Posted by: ST on September 15, 2009 at 7:21 pm

The petty nonsense continues:

House Democrats dealt South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson a formal rebuke Wednesday, taking the rare step of passing a resolution of disapproval for his famous “you lie!” outburst last week in the House chamber.

The vote was 240-179, falling almost exclusively along party lines.

While Democrats said they were defending the rules of the House and enforcing the traditional decorum of the chamber, Republicans mounted a fierce attack on the resolution, saying it was a waste of time after Wilson had duly apologized to President Barack Obama for his outburst during a joint address to Congress. While a resolution of disapproval is little more than a slap on the wrist, a formal roll call vote like this – permanently entered into the Congressional Record – is extremely rare.

“What’s at issue here is of importance to the House and of importance to the country,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer proclaimed during the hour-long debate preceding the vote. “This House cannot stay silent.”

Except when it comes to much worse behavior from a House Democrat, of course.

I gotta tell ya, this makes me feel so much better – I mean, now we can rest assured that the masses of racist Rethuglicans will get the message that their “white hood“-type behavior of opposing Obama’s agenda based on the merits – or lack thereof – will not be tolerated. 8-|

In the end, this issue will blow over for most of America and will help Wilson rake in thousands more in campaign donations, but as another Congressman whose name I can’t recall at the moment stated on the floor earlier today, this sets a bad precedent. Wilson was essentially rebuked for “bad behavior.” If that’s grounds for a rebuke, they better set up a “Rebuke Desk” because there’s not a week, heck, a day that goes by in the House where someone doesn’t step over the line with “bad behavior” – some real, and some imagined.

To stand behind Joe Wilson and support his re-election bid, click here.

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11 Responses to “House votes to “formally rebuke” Joe Wilson”


  1. bertie says:

    It is my considered opinion that Wilson was provoked. It’s like self-defense. Someone repeatedly lies to your face and you just spontaneously respond. Like being punched and hitting back.

    I guess I’ll have to make a donation.

  2. Joseph Brown says:

    Being a fellow South Carolinian, I agree with what Joe Wilson said.
    About 150 years ago a SC Senator, incensed at a speech another Senator had made, walked into the Senate chambers and beat the guy unconcious with his metal tipped cane. Obama should consider himself lucky.

  3. Peter says:

    How did Courtney “Pete” Stark vote?

  4. Carlos says:

    I like your idea of a “Rebuke Desk.” And for once I wouldn’t mind the House wasting my tax money on it, as long as they named it the “Pelosi/Murtha Desk of Unfettered Shame”.

  5. DaveinPhoenix says:

    …and in 2010, Americans will “formally rebuke” the House of Representatives – otherwise known as the “pussy house of communists and waste of sperm”.

  6. Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired says:

    As far as this Old Seadog is concerned, Representative Wilson should invite Speaker Pelosi to attempt the following. Perform aeronautical intercourse with a rolling cylindrical object. You old War Horses know it by it’s more colorful version.

  7. Helen says:

    Well, I can’t support Representative Wilson because I am on the wrong side of the Pond. But I can’t help wondering whether these people would prefer to see a House that was like the proverbial Young Ladies’ Seminary than a political debating chamber.

  8. Brontefan says:

    When the House votes formally to “rebuke” Charlie Rangel, please let me know!

  9. Carlos says:

    The House will rebuke Rangel when he declares, on the floor of the chamber, he’s “Seen the Light!” and graciously gives back to their rightful owners (usually the taxpayers) all the monies he’s stolen for himself and his pet projects or caused to be lost (like forcing mortgage regulations to be relaxed) and admits he was waaayyy over the line in calling Bush 43 stupid and a liar.

    I won’t hold my breath.

  10. Marshall Art says:

    Wilson should be rebuked in some manner. I favor a greater sense of decorum in the hallowed halls of gov’t and just because it’s filled with so many Dems is no reason one shouldn’t conform to that sense of decorum and ettiquette.

    But he was right as rain and getting an official “shame on you” was well worth it.

  11. Gary Griffin says:

    Calling a politician a liar is like calling a pig pork. One politician calling another a liar is a secret sign like the handshake of Masons and Shriners.