VIDEO: Glenn Beck installs a special red phone, just for the WH

Posted by: ST on October 14, 2009 at 7:34 pm

This is hilarious (via Greg Pollowitz):

Anita, call me.” ;)


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10 Responses to “VIDEO: Glenn Beck installs a special red phone, just for the WH”


  1. Kate says:

    I saw the show yesterday and it was hilarious…and a bit of a call out on the White House. The party of name calling will probably not call. They have been called out! FOX is now on-call. Will the White House hear their call. Will the White House even know that they should call? Stay tuned and increase Glen’s ratings!

  2. Shows that you can make it in America without an education.

    Glenn Beck is funny? What’s funny about creating a false equivalency between a fair statement about Fox News and the Bush wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    I suppose it’s funny in the same way it’s funny how when certain people drink too much they always vomit. Ha ha.


  3. Lorica says:

    If Fox News is an arm of the GOP, then what does that make ABC/CBS/NBC/MSNBC/CNN/PBS/AA/NYT/WP/LAT??? Seems to me to be abit of an unfair advantage. LOL :) Who am I kidding. Between Fox News Channel, and Rush Limbaugh, we have all of the others beat. Keep up the good work Lamestream media, eventually you will have no audience, well except yourselves. But that really doesn’t count. – Lorica

  4. Lorica says:

    …And speaking of Rush, he got dropped from the group that was forming the bid for the St. Louis Rams. What a joke the left have become. – Lorica

  5. Brontefan says:

    Rush didn’t say those things! It is absolutely unAmerican to condemn a person on rumors, but Jackson & Sharpton seem to be willing to play the game. After all the crud I listened to last year–name calling, out-right lies, disparaging remarks, “Bush lied, kids died,” etc.–over the last 8 years, this takes the perverbial CAKE. I don’t think it is funny; I think is it outrageous.

  6. ClassicFilm says:

    Anita Dunn has her own red hotline, a “Batphone”! Does that make her Batgirl… or Dunngirl?

    Will this squelch the whining and sniveling from the White House and promote some honest, open dialogue with the only news source that isn’t in Barack’s back pocket, stopping the high school-level smear jobs? Probably not, but for now, Beck’s got the last laugh. And millions are laughing with him at the White House. Not a good sign for showing courage and strength in leadership, Mr. Barack “I Won the Nobel for Doing Nothing” Obama.

    If GW Bush had EVER complained about the vicious, nonstop negative press he received from all the left-wing news sources and left-wing groups that threw things at him or booed him or protested him or declared that they WANTED HIM DEAD… he’d have been made a laughingstock in the press and fringe media if he had uttered one peep about how unfair and unbalanced it was, not to mention usually a pack of lies. Not one complaint was allowed then (or now… GWB has more class and integrity in his little finger than The Anointed One has in his whole body).

    But then, liberals allow themselves to be spineless and weak… goes with that “welfare to all” mentality. Obama and his team are such a group of petulant crybabies, it’s amazing that few leftist news sources can stomach it any longer.

    Obama is still divorcing himself (barely) from the stupid missteps of his minions like Buffy Wicks, Anita Dunn, and Van Jones, but soon, I’m confident he’ll step in a real big “cow patty of stupidity.” I’m betting it will be related either to ACORN… or SEIU… or Bill Ayers. But likely it will be something altogether new that hasn’t even been discovered.

    More popcorn, please.