Mainstream media revolts against WH for war on Fox News

Tapper set the standard, and the rest are now following suit. Director Blue writes (via Dan Riehl):

Today the White House stepped up its attack on Fox News, announcing that the network would no longer be able to conduct interviews with officials as a member of the Press Pool. The Pool is a five-member group consisting of ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News and NBC organized by the White House Correspondents Association. Its membership is not subject to oversight by the government.

Before an interview with “Pay Czar” Kenneth Feinberg, the administration announced that Fox News would be banned from the press pool. This marks the first time in history that an administration had attempted to ban an entire network from the press pool.

To their credit, the other networks objected. They told the White House that if Fox were banned, none of the other networks would participate. The White House relented, but in an apparent act of petulant retaliation, it restricted each network to a two-minute interview instead of the standard five.

Does the word “frightening” adequately describe the WH’s actions when it comes to freezing out mainstream media news outlets it deems “biased” (against them)?

I gotta give props to other MSM reporters for coming to the defense of Fox – it’s pretty bad for the WH when even their loyal press corp stands against them alongside the eeeevil Fox News.

32 thoughts on “Mainstream media revolts against WH for war on Fox News

  1. I think our Bambi in chief finally found his limits on controlling the press. Even the ever faithful media lapdogs for the Obama administration realize that if they can do that to Fox they will be next on his “Enemy” list if they so much as sneeze without asking for Duh one’s permission.

  2. I see where many Conservative blogs are praising the actions of the MSM for their stance in this war between Obama and Fox.

    Sorry, too little and much, much, much too late. The MSM worked hard to elect Obama. They have since worked hard to protect Obama. They continue to lie about Beck, Rush, Sarah, and Conservatives in general. They continue to ignore the massive corruption called ACORN.

    They are in CYA mode here, their ideology still drives them.

  3. Like the old saying goes, follow the money.

    Those gutless, biased and worshipping Obamatons that call themselves news networks are sure to be thinking that the next Van story that comes up couldn’t be covered under the new rules, meaning Fox would have an exclusive, meaning they would lose viewers, meaning they would lose money.

    No, I don’t see it as standing up for Fox, I see it as protecting what little integrity they thought they still had, integrity being defined as money.

  4. They’re not doing this because they think the administration is wrong. It’s a matter of survival. If the Chicago thugs succeed in silencing Fox, any one of them could be next.

    Even worse, if they did nothing now and the country tosses Obama out in 2012, the incoming administration would have precedent to ban every one of them.

    Other than a few stand-up people like Jake Tapper, there’s not an honest journalist among them.

  5. “I gotta give props to other MSM reporters for coming to the defense of Fox – it’s pretty bad for the WH when even their loyal press corp stands against them alongside the eeeevil Fox News.”

    I am surprised in one sense, since FOX is their most successful competition.

    OTOH, apparently they see the “writing on the wall”…like Great White Rat said: they could be next… :o

  6. Okay, speaking as a Fox News fan –

    You gotta remember, Fox is NOT the most successful competition. It’s clearly more successful than Chicken Noodle News or MSDNC, sure – but it still lags way behind the Big Three networks.

    But yeah – give the MSM props for this one. And give Fox BIG props for being such a burr under BHO’s saddle!

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  9. The “revolt” seems to me to be more a few squeaks by the mice than a real uprising. I’d have been more impressed if there were a bit more outrage over these high handed tactics by the White House.

  10. …on the other hand, they restricted the “interview” to two minutes instead of five minutes. Frog in boiling water time, folks.

    Was this how Obama spanks the media? Less access to the “pay czar” or any other person of interest in the administration?

    Of course, the other media outlets had to speak up…otherwise everyone in the world would know they were biased and they just can’t let that happen.

  11. I agree it’s more a matter of self preservation but I’m going to take it as a small sign of hope in an otherwise dismal, hopeless takeover by a fascist little inexperienced, thin-skinned, clueless would-be dictator. If something doesn’t stop his relentless march toward that, we’re all doomed.

  12. What a big bunch of babies. Did the poor wittle Obama administration not get what they want?? Did the big babies take their ball and go home then?? These panzy a**, sissy boys are so pathetic. Is this what real men do?? Good Lord Barry why don’t you grow a pair!! – Lorica

  13. When the new lion King, Simba the XLIV, came to the throne, he inherited a group of frogs, whose job it was to tell the kingdom of the latest events. Among the frogs, however, was one scorpion who had pushed his way into the group and had already received kudos in some quarters for his flattery of the previous king.

    The scorpion, no longer in favor in the new regime, began a counterpoint to the riiiivetts of praise constantly pouring out the mouths of the frogs.

    The king, furious, announced he would no longer receive the scorpion at court. The frogs, standing up for one of their fellows, refused to appear at court in order to display solidarity with the scorpion.

    Suddenly there were no rrrrrivetts from the frogs, although the croak of the scorpion continued to be heard throughout the land, from his undisclosed location to which he had retreated.

    The king, suddenly deprived of the constant rrrrrrivetts of praise, finally decided to sit down with the scorpion. Soon, they reached an agreement, and the scorpion was back at court.

    So were the frogs.

    All seemed well. For awhile. Although a falcon doing a flyby of the kingdom reported back to his colleagues that every day there seemed to be fewer frogs.

    “I believe,” said the wisest of the falcons, after hearing the report, “that the scorpion is to blame. After all, he’s a scorpion–he does what he does.”

    Moral: An enemy of an enemy may be a friend; but an enemy of a friend will never be.

  14. More shocking to me than Obama’s childish attempt to censor his biggest critic is the fact that apparently he actually thought he would be able to do it. It raises infinite issues with me about the intelligence of the people running this nation right now.

    Obama will not lose sleep over it, as he has said, but I think many Americans will be losing sleep over it….myself included.

  15. These clowns have officially lost it, good grief.

    Obama’s narcissism seriously affects his ability to the job, it’s got his priorities completely upside-down due to the resultant control-freakery, paranoia, and inability to handle criticism.

    The Dear Leader is a MESS- and now his bad childhood -which apparently lacked sufficient “watch me” time- and irresponsible, far-left weirdo parents are all OUR problem, too-

  16. “intelligence of the people running this nation?” He can apologize for America but he can’t send troops to defend Americans on the battlefield. Is there anything in America that he doesn’t want to “censure” or “control?”

  17. This memorandum from Media Matters is disgusting.

    They now seek to form a Progressive media cartel (if you may) that will box out those “lethal” voices at FoxNews.

    These folks are clearly no friend of the 1st amendment.

    But what it does show is that the notion that the media lean towrd Democrats is not a notion, but the truth.

  18. One of the “shortcomings” of conservative philosophy is that the Constitution applies to all, not just to ourselves. Liberals, being amoral relativists, see the Constitution as a document to use for their own ends, not to the betterment of the country. If what they happen to want something and the Constitution says it is within established constitutional bounds, so much the better, but if it happens to be outside the limited bounds of the Constitution, oh, well.

    And they know that, if we ever have another national vote (I’m leaning more and more to the opinion that will never be allowed again) the libs/leftists/socialists know without a doubt that, should a conservative happen to win, their side (libs etc) will in no way be restricted like they’re attempting to do to us, in every way, every day.

  19. What many (both on the right and on the left) are discovering is that the “tolerant” people on the left are incredibly intolerant of anything that flies in the face of their precious ideology, that their “tolerance” extends only to those in lockstep with them.

    It is virtually impossible to have any kind of discussion with them (with a few exceptions). Too bad. Some of their ideas are fun to play around with, but per usual fall short of reasonable when real-world life is applied to them, but it is still fun to try to discern what they were thinking when they came up with a specific “solution”, or even a specific “problem.”

    I have come to the conclusion that, in nearly every instance, the ultimate aim for any “solution” a socialist/leftist comes up with is to gain more control over everyone else, which is what is scaring the media in general now.

  20. Who’d a thunk it that Obama would be a paranoid narcissist ?
    OK, narcissist yes, but virtually nothing would have made you think he would opt for the bunker mentality now on display. I know I thought his passing up the FoxNews primary debate in Las Vegas was more pandering to the paranoid masses rather than an indicator of his own paranoia of FoxNews, which now as festered into something out of control. Apparently, that story of the auto czar invoking the “Madman theory of the Presidency” on the Chrysler bond holders wasn’t just the auto czar talking talking through his hat, but in fact was the real truth.

  21. I wouldn’t give these MSM creeps a effing thing. They’ve cheered, encouraged, and have played a large roll in the destruction of this country over the past 40 years. So they for once do one good thing and we’re supposed to cheer them on ? Eff them ! May they all burn in hell.

  22. The Obama administration is hell-bent on controlling everything. Now an attempt to prohibit freedom of the press. No one should be surprised. After all,the left did hand the country over to these child thugs.

    Which amendment in the Bill of Rights will be used as a door mat next?

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  24. I wonder why it is the MSM is only saying that they think the Prez went too far, instead of saying they are reacting to the not too veiled threat in his next sentence?

  25. They can see the writing on the wall as well as we can. Next election looks to be a conservative landslide, even a few liberals are getting on the republican ticket to get elected. Anyways, when that happens and there’s a republican in office, they know the same will happen to them.

  26. A liberal “Republican” is just like Obama, a narcissist who believes the only reason liberalism hasn’t worked in the past is because the right people weren’t in power, and by golly, “I’m just the right person the right solution has been waiting for!”

    Except they extend it to, “The only reason the press has never given Republicans good press is because I haven’t been in office to blind them with my brilliance, but once I’m there they’ll see just how wonderful I really am and they’ll be able to slobber all over me like they do the president.”

    Liberal Republicans (an oxymoron if ever there was one) don’t have a clue, and shouls go to the donks’ tent to stink it up with their crap, ’cause that’s what all liberal crap is.

  27. If it’s good enough for Wall Street, it should be good enough for Freddie Mac

    The pay package given to Freddie Mac’s new chief financial officer should have sent a message from Washington to corporate America about how executive compensation standards must change. Instead, it did just the opposite.

    The government-controlled mortgage finance company is giving CFO Ross Kari compensation worth as much as $5.5 million. That includes an almost $2 million cash signing bonus and a generous salary that could top $2.3 million.

    Just call Kenneth Feinberg the “pay bizarre”

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