The Nation magazine to launch copycat Palin book on Nov. 17

Posted by: ST on October 22, 2009 at 11:14 am

In response to the EW report on the liberal Nation magazine’s attempt at cashing in at Sarah Palin’s expense with their own book “Going Rouge,” Ed Morrissey goes off:

Would “the most honest account” have to be wrapped in a deceptive cover, intended to confuse consumers into buying the wrong book? If it doesn’t start out with an honest approach, why should we trust that the same people who made that decision will be honest inside the covers? For an answer to that, we only need see the list of essayists included in this rehash of old Palin-opposing material, who include such straight-arrow observers as Amanda Marcotte, Max Blumenthal, Eve Ensler, and Jane Hamsher. Hamsher made her biggest political splash when she put Joe Lieberman in blackface during his re-election campaign. Marcotte got fired from the Edwards campaign for her vilification of religious believers in language bad enough to actually embarrass Edwards — and given Edwards’ history, that’s saying something indeed.

The whole thing looks like a bad Mad Magazine takeoff of a book, which is the impression that The Nation leaves with its Going Rouge cheapie. And the bottom line is this: after 150 years of publication, The Nation has to piggyback off of a Republican VP candidate to achieve relevance. Have The Nation’s editors become so insecure about their product that they feel they can only sell it through deception? In that, it has a lot in common with their progressive agenda.

And so-called “progressive leaders” as well, who don’t seem to know how to grow up – and get beyond silly and demeaning sexist stereotypes (yes, liberal women can be some of the worst serial sexist offenders). “Going Rouge” indeed.

Have you ordered your copy of Going Rogue yet?

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  • 10 Responses to “The Nation magazine to launch copycat Palin book on Nov. 17”


    1. Severian says:

      I look forward to reading Palin’s book, but I am waiting until it hits E reader formats for my Sony. I really like the E book, we’re an E book family, my Mom, my wife, and I all have them.

      But c’mon, this kind of juvenile, immature copy cat BS is the best a once proud organization like The Nation can come up with? How the once mighty have fallen.

    2. Carol says:

      There is something really, really wrong with this. It could cause problems. People could buy the wrong book. The scumbags could make a lot of money with their deceit. It goes on and on.

      There has got to be some laws being broken. What the hell is going on? Obama has set this country back decades. I’m starting to get nervous.

    3. Chevy LT-1 says:

      Let’s put it like this. Have you ever been in a rush at a supermarket, Wal-Mart, or bookstore short on time and need to go ASAP then suddenly you see a book you THINK its the one you want grab it without fully reading the cover and shuttle on out the door. Well that is exactly what these A-holes are expecting to happen. People not realizing what they got until its too late. If it was me I would go through the trouble to take that “not fit to wipe my butt” trash back in exchange for the right book.

      This is so grade school its beyond imagination you would never expect this type of tactics coming from so called “adults”.

    4. your mama says:

      What a sad sad way to get publicity

    5. Great White Rat says:

      I’m with Sev. The day it’s available for my Kindle, I’m downloading it.

      As for what to expect from The Nation, I’ll just say that if you were writing a satire of a liberal magazine, intentionally overdoing every goofy feature and editorial stupidity of the left, you’d come up with something very close to The Nation.

    6. Da Prof says:

      Once again, the libs show the “cowardice of their convictions.”

      Too bad they don’t have anything original to say…..

    7. Carlos says:

      Ya, but they’re a great organization because their heart’s in the right place.

      I wonder if it has ever occurred to a liberal that words matter, actions matter, convictions matter, and that just because they believe their “progressive” ideology is correct because it makes them feel better, the results of that ideology have been devastating to not only millions of lives here but hundreds of millions of lives around the world.

      All that from those who want to “save the world.”

      If they can’t even get that right, why should we believe anything they say about anything, including global warming and health care?

    8. Kate says:

      …what no new liberal ideas? Is there a shortage of brain matter that they couldn’t write a “real” book? So they have a book full of re-hashed op/ed stuff…wow, Sarah must be shaking in her hunting boots!

    9. Carlos says:

      Look to your mentally overpowering Veep for the answer to that, Kate. After all, he’s not only an original himself, but he seems to have used someone else’ original material in the past…

      Were the Republicans to do half of what the Democrats do on a regular basis there would no longer be any Republicans in elected positions.

      Oh, wait. That must be hyperbole because the Republicans DO do half of what the Democrats do with impunity.