George Will profiles Michele Bachmann

Posted by: ST on October 24, 2009 at 1:00 pm

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to see this nice profile of GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (Minnesota), a staunch conservative and – of course – one who is absolutely despised, not to mention demonized by the left. Here are some excerpts:

Some of her supposed excesses are, however, not merely defensible, they are admirable. For example, her June 9 statement on the House floor in which she spoke of “gangster government” has been viewed on the Internet about 2 million times. She noted that, during the federal takeover of General Motors, a Democratic senator and one of her Democratic House colleagues each successfully intervened with GM to save a constituent’s dealership from forced closure. One of her constituents, whose dealership had been in the family for 90 years, told her that the $15 million dealership had been rendered worthless overnight, and, Bachmann said, “GM is demanding that she hand over her customer list,” probably to give it to surviving GM dealerships that once were competitors.

In her statement, Bachmann repeatedly called such politicization of the allocation of economic rewards “gangster government.” And she repeatedly noted that the phrase was used by a respected political analyst, Michael Barone, principal co-author of the Almanac of American Politics, who coined it in connection with the mugging of GM bondholders in the politicized bankruptcy. Bachmann, like Barone, was accurate.

Because Walter Mondale was saved by 3,761 Minnesota voters from losing his home state to Ronald Reagan in 1984, it is the only state to have voted Democratic in nine consecutive presidential elections. Minnesota is a blue state but is given to idiosyncratic political flings. Minnesotans, Bachmann says, like “authentic” people of whatever political inclinations, from the cerebral Eugene McCarthy to the visceral Jesse Ventura.

Bachmann, an authentic representative of the Republican base, had quite enough on her plate before politics. She and Marcus, a clinical psychologist, were raising their children — they had four then; they have five now — and, as foster parents, were raising some other people’s children, 23 of them, a few teenagers at a time.

Born in Iowa but a Minnesotan by age 12, Bachmann acquired what she calls “her family’s Hubert Humphrey knee-jerk liberalism.” She and her husband danced at Jimmy Carter’s inauguration. Shortly thereafter, however, she was riding on a train and reading Gore Vidal’s novel “Burr,” which is suffused with that author’s jaundiced view of America. “I set the book down on my lap, looked out the window and thought: ‘That’s not the America I know.’ ” She volunteered for Reagan in 1980.

As I’ve written before, she’s in a tough re-election fight next year, as the far left are attempting to re-brand her as some crazy right wing fringe loon, as they tried to do with Sarah Palin. You can help her in her efforts to stay in Congress, and in her efforts to fight the left’s smear attacks, by clicking here.

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11 Responses to “George Will profiles Michele Bachmann”


  1. Pasadena Phil says:

    Although I am a big supporter of Michelle Bachmann and will very likely contribute to her re-election campaign, she has a very important signal to send to those of us who would be interested in her as a national candidate for higher office. That signal is her willingness to defy her party’s corrupt RNC leadership at key moments.

    I am leery of legislators running for president and don’t trust any politician based solely on their words. Bachmann is undoubtedly a very good congresswoman for her district and speaks with conviction on conservative matters. However, the road to higher office is littered with Republicans who sacrificed their early “convictions” with surprising ease to appease the leadership.

    It would go a long way, for instance, were Ms Bachmann to endorse Doug Hoffman in NY-23 with a statement that echoes that of Sarah Palin’s. So far, no Republican has (other than the meaningless endorsement of Fred Thompson). To do so would signal to people like me that she has not cut a deal with the RNC.

    We conservatives have arrived at an important crossroad in history and must now choose: principles or party. This is Bachmann’s first major opportunity to prove that she “gets it” and is truly one of us. Does she have the courage? I hope so. We need her.

  2. Dennis D says:

    Michelle is a great patriot and a wonderful person. And easy on the eyes too.

  3. Joseph Brown says:

    Possibly a Palin/Bachmann ticket? Or even a Bachmann/Palin ticket?
    If the Repubs would stop stepping on their..uh..extremities, they might possibly get back in power, but Gingrich endorsing that woman in NY23 ain’t gonna get it, for sure.

  4. nina says:

    I sent her money for her last campaign and have already sent her money for her current effort. She is true hero as a congresswoman and in her personal life as well.

  5. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    What is it about Democrats and conservative women? Palin and Bachmann seem to bring out the misogynist streak in “feminist” men.

  6. Kate says:

    Well, M.D., that speaks volumes….but, what bothers me is the inference that the quote made regarding the present polls and the likely winners. I hope that she backs him solely on his conservative platform and therefore has thrown the NY RNC under the bus for their despicable choice as candidate.

  7. Carlos says:

    Which despicable RNC endorsements are you referring to, Kate? Couldn’t have anything to do with people like McCant, would it?

    Seems like the only time the RNC endorses (tepidly, of course) a conservative is when there is no prospect of a RINO or even a mislabeled Specter-like slug showing up, even if it costs the party that particular seat.

    I wonder if the RNC will ever discover that, if we Republicans wanted a donkey lite, we’d vote for the real deal donkey because that’s all a RINO is.

    The only reason they endorsed Reagan for his second term (grudgingly, I might add) is because they knew there wasn’t a chance in Hell he would lose, and any other Republican would.

    I know no one asked me for this advice, but I’ll give it to you anyway: Never vote for a liar, or anyone supported by a liar unless you check that person to your standards. In other words, you can eliminate at least 75% of all candidates endorsed by the RNC.

  8. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    In other words, you can eliminate at least 75% of all candidates endorsed by the RNC.

    Personally, I would put that closer to 90%.

    In 2010 we Texans have the thrilling choice in the governor’s race of voting for Rick Perry (a left-wing big-spending ex-Democrat) or Kay Bailey Hutchison (a left-wing big-spending Republican). My guess is that the state-run media will mostly likely endorse Hutchsion and left-wing Democrats will vote for her as well (Texas is an open primary state). Then, with Hutchison as the GOP nominee, the state-run media will wage a guerrilla campaign against her to put Candidate Stalinist Democrat (yet to emerge from the sewer) in the statehouse.

    For myself, I will not vote for any GOP candidate at any level in 2010. The Texas GOP is overrun with left-wing country club Republicans and ex-Democrats looking to get their corrupt claws into whatever they can. The difference between the Texas GOP and the Texas Democrat Party is disappearing fast.

    Instead, I will vote Libertarian, Constitution Party – any party, in fact, that distances itself from the corrupt media-created Demopublican Party.

  9. Carlos says:

    What is it with public office that makes people change from “protecting we, the people” from government to “I need more of your hard-earned dollars to buy more votes in the next election”?

    I guess I just answered my own question…

  10. Kate says:

    LOL….Carlos I live in PA…the home of Spector,quick change artist of the past couple decades. He should have been retired many moons ago, but the RNC here in PA kept the guy on life support and on the ballot, despite a close call in the last primary. That’s why he’s a democrat, again. Whoop-de-doo! The guy needs to go.

    And the two party system has a strangle hold on the country. The Third Parties have a long haul to get noticed or even given any credibility by MSM pundits who love to say you are just voting for “the other guy” if you vote for one. I vote more on the person’s ethics hoping they stick to them when they attain office. But, as you state, that seems to change once they get in. Then it’s all about getting re-elected and the baby kissing starts with the power lobbying organizations, etc.