Bills at the Panthers (UPDATE: PANTHERS LOSE 20-9)

Panthers logoThe 2-3 Panthers take on the 2-4 Bills at BOA Stadium here in Charlotte this afternoon on an overcast but warm day. The Cats are going to try to capitalize on their 2 game win streak by going .500 and winning another one at home.

Game time is 4:05 PM ET and it will be broadcast on CBS.

Update: Jake Delhomme’s interceptions, and a bobbled punt return, have helped put another loss on the board for the Cats as they lose to the Bills 20-9.

11 thoughts on “Bills at the Panthers (UPDATE: PANTHERS LOSE 20-9)

  1. The Bills are a bad team, so you should beat them. Particularly since Berman on ESPN picked the Bills to win (IIRC). Oh, and if may ask a favor? Please beat up on Terrell Owens. This 49er fan would love to see that man-child thow a hissy fit. :d

  2. It was a good comeback, and at least the team played hard and the coaches are the right adjustments at half-time. I’d be shocked if Smith isn’t starting next week at Indy (*whimper*), since he had the great second half and teams have figured out Hill hasn’t a strong arm.

    Unfortunately, I know that all from a call from a friend, since the League decided I needed to see Steelers-Vikings, instead. :-w

  3. For all of yesterday’s slaughters, I think the Steelers – Vikes game WAS the right call for Fox to make for the national game. First half defensive struggle, and second-half big plays – an impartial viewer’s dream.

    Sorry about the Panthers, ST.

  4. Vikes game WAS the right call for Fox to make for the national game

    Oh, I agree. It was an exciting game. And it could have been much worse: they could have given us the Raiders, who still try to claim LA as a home market.

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