The State: Sanford’s second term did not focus much on SC

Posted by: ST on October 26, 2009 at 2:07 pm

South Carolina’s “The State” newspaper details how disgraced SC Gov. Mark Sanford’s second term was much different than his first in terms of the focus on his state’s needs – or lack thereof. It’s an interesting story on Sanford’s evolving priorities, and it centers around what appears to be a combination of things – growing frustration with the state legislature, his role as chair of the National Republican Governors Association, his alleged presidential ambitions, various state and national fundraising activities, and, the article implies, his affair with his Argentinian lover. All of these were things that kept his focus less on his role as Governor of the state of South Carolina and more on his national role as a spokesman for the GOP, and his private life – where he admittedly engaged in extramarital activities over the course of the last couple of years.

Normally, I would tip my hat to a news outlet for doing in-depth investigations into local, state, and national politicians because the MSM’s primary role is to keep our government honest by keeping the public informed. But Sanford is a sitting Republican Governor and The State is a division of the liberal McClatchy news outlet, so its scoops on Sanford are to be expected. Sanford’s probably wishing right about now that he were a former Democrat governor in my state – North Carolina – where the state’s leading newspaper, the Charlotte Observer (also a division of McClatchy), doesn’t investigate shady Democrat governors until after they’re out of office.

But I digress …

With The State’s report, the talk of impeachment in SC is going to grow louder and louder. Last week, CNN reported that it is likely an impeachment resolution will be read on the SC House floor tomorrow. For the lastest on that possibility, click here.

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2 Responses to “The State: Sanford’s second term did not focus much on SC”


  1. Joseph Brown says:

    As a native born Carolinian, if in fact the legislators do impeach Gov Sanford, I would hope he takes alot of them with him. One of the largest collection of thieves, liars and con artists outside of state prison.
    If you get the idea I’m against most of our legislature you’d be right.

  2. Carlos says:

    I lived there for a school year forty-five years ago and it wasn’t much different back then. People just didn’t talk about it much.