Latest cable news ratings: Bad news for CNN, great news for Fox

Posted by: ST on October 27, 2009 at 9:01 am

CNN hits last place – yes, even behind the icky MSDNC.

And for Fox News? A major jump since the WH started attacking them (via Newsbusters):

Gee, do you think Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch love being The White House’s least-favorite news channel? Duh, of course they do.

Here’s a chart comparing network ratings from the period 9/28/2009-10/11/09, which is when Anita Dunn slammed the network, and the two weeks after that (“post feud”). The numbers on the bottom right of this chart show the sequential gain for all demos (+9%( and the 25-54 year old demo (+14%).

That +9% is for overall audience, and the 25-54 y/o demographic is the one that all cable media outlets salivate over.

Keep it up, Obama/Gibbs and co. :D

In other ratings news – this time of the political variety, Vice President Biden is enjoying rising unfavorability ratings right now. His favorability rating stands now at 42% according to Gallup (unfavorable at 40%), a favorability rating which, when averaged out over the year stands at 45%, which Byron York points out is much lower than former VP “Darth” Cheney’s average favorability rating (65%) during his first year in office, and lower than Gore’s average his first year (55%).

Last but not least, Doug Hoffman, the conservative Republican in the NY-23 special election this year, is now polling slightly ahead of liberal Republican Dede Scozzafava – who is supported by many establishment Republicans, including the NRCC – and liberal Democrat Bill Owens going into the final week before voters go to the polls. Can Hoffman pull off the upset? To find out more about him, click here. If you like what you see, make sure to donate to his campaign.

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11 Responses to “Latest cable news ratings: Bad news for CNN, great news for Fox”


  1. LC Gregory says:

    That comparison between Biden and Gore is shocking. Cheney not so much because of 9/11 and the Rally ‘Round The Flag factor, but still, Biden’s numbers are terrible. I guess what Obama meant when he said “nobody messes with Joe” was in the sense that nobody wastes their time dealing with him. But I’m surprised by one other thing in the York article – how the heck did Joey EVER get 33% of Repubs looking at him favorably? Just in the sense that “yeah, I like Biden, he’s gonna shoot his mouth off too many times and take the Obama administration down?”

    Fox’s ratings are great, but they have to watch out – no matter how many viewers they have, if the Obama administration starts going after their sponsors (GM, or the banks, anyone?) they may be in deep trouble even if 60% of the country tunes in.

  2. omapian says:

    If Doug Hoffman wins this election, the dems will try to claim it is only a win in a small district in NY, but RINOS will be put on notice the base is restless. In fact, Doug needs only to come in a close second to shake up the Rinos.
    Go Doug!!!

  3. Rich Horton says:

    Re: Biden. You might want to correct your post above. As written it doesn’t make a lot of sense:

    Vice President Biden is enjoying rising unfavorability ratings right now. His unfavorability rating stands now at 40% according to Gallup, which Byron York points out is lower than VP “Darth” Cheney’s (65%) during his first year in office, and lower than Gore’s his first year (55%).

    This is comparing Biden’s “unfavorability” with Cheney and Gore’s “favorability”. Biden’s favorability is only at 42%, so you can put that in and it makes a lot more sense when you read it!


  4. Fixed, Rich – thanks. :"> That’s what I get for writing on the fly. I had to rewrite that paragraph a bit.

  5. Bill says:

    Most people in this country are not as stupid as the liberals think they are and can easily tell the difference between factual information like seen on Fox, and propaganda like seen on CNN, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC.

    The liberals always like to create images of “right wing conspiracies” when things go bad for them but in fact it is the liberals themselves who are the source of their own demise. Keep up the good work liberals!

  6. nancy smith says:

    When CNN stared doing those “Black in America” series and “Latino in America”, I turned it off. Blacks make up only 13% of the population and wasn’t quite sure what audience they were shooting for. Fox represents me and my family. So I watch Fox.

  7. Carlos says:

    Actually, Bill, a significant portion of the voting public really is as stupid as the socialists think they are. They voted Duh-1 in with a donkey/jackass majority in both houses of Congress, didn’t they? And just think, the ones they voted in were the “best of the best”, too! Anything for unicorns and pixie dust, I guess.

    It’s really sad to see the incredibly poor results of public (government) education coming to fruition.

  8. Kate says:

    I would like to say to those liberals who refuse to watch FOX News…what are you afraid of? Maybe you will hear something that makes sense? Maybe you will find out your thinking is wrong and you been sold a false bill of goods. Maybe you would find out there are more important things in the world than being “Black or Latino in America”?

    Keep the pressure on and the mouths in the WH wagging and boo-hooing the big bad FOX news….it’s making people wonder why and tuning in. Since ratings are king in the TV industry one would think it would be a stupid move for any major advertiser to walk away from FOX.

  9. Carlos says:

    Maybe it’s just part of Duh-1’s plan to take over all industry in the country. Ya see, if he forces out the current advertisers (and therefore, by twisted “constitutional” lawyerese can take over that business), more advertisers will move in, he can take them over (with the same results), more move in, etc. Pretty soon he’ll have every business in the nation under his thumb, all thanks to the thankless and worthless advertisers who cower to him up front.

    Well, if he goes that way (or any of his many lackey sycophant organizations), I’m gonna start a mail campaign to any advertiser that caves, informing them that they will no longer get any of my (and hopefully millions of others’) business. Let’s just see who can get more people to get the advertisers’ business or not.