Panthers host the Vikings (UPDATE: PANTHERS WIN 26-7)

Posted by: ST on December 20, 2009 at 7:51 pm

Panthers logoWith hopes for making the playoffs a distant memory, the 5-8 Panthers’ season is all but over. Tonight, they hope to play the role of spoiler here at home as they take on the 11-2 Vikings, who can clinch the NFC North with a win. Once again, Matt Moore will start as QB for the Cats in place of the ‘injured’ Jake Delhomme. The weather here? Much different than it was on Friday, when we had a wintry mix of slush, sleet, freezing rain, and bitterly cold winds. It’s cold tonight, but there’s not a drop of the frozen stuff in sight.

Game time is 8:20 PM ET, and it will be broadcast on NBC.

How about that Cowboys win over the Saints last night? And the Packers/Steelers battle tonight? A heck of a game.

Update: In an upset, the Panthers made easy work of the Vikings tonight, winning the game 26-7.

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8 Responses to “Panthers host the Vikings (UPDATE: PANTHERS WIN 26-7)”


  1. Tango says:

    **** GO PANTERS! ****

    (and) hat tip to my poor wretched Raiders who upset the Denver Broncos in the final 35 seconds at Invesco Field in Denver. b-)

  2. NC Cop says:

    Well, I needed the Cowboys to lose the other night to help my G-men so, of course, the Saints lost their first game of the season to Dallas. :(

    Can’t really be too upset, though, the Giants had plenty of opportunities to control their own playoff destiny, but didn’t.

  3. steveegg says:

    Football makes me sad. That. Is. All.

  4. Carlos says:

    With three minutes to go the Panthers seem to have the game well in control. Congratulations, ST, although I don’t know what for – they aren’t going anywhere, but a victory is a victory so…

    Well done, Carolina. Let’s see if you can start the season earlier next year by showing up the first few games.

    (I can say things like that because I suffered through my beloved Oregon Ducks for decades before they started playing real football.)

  5. Lorica says:

    Congratulations Dear :) I am happy to see your Panthers win :) – Lorica

  6. Anthony says:

    Good work, ST! Ya coached a good game. :)

  7. camojack says:

    Go, “Iggles!”. And how ’bout dem Colts?! :o

  8. poptoy says:

    Ok your a Panthers fan. Thant is good. But why are you rubbing on all the Saints fan?