Saints at the Panthers (UPDATE: PANTHERS WIN 23-10)

Posted by: ST on January 3, 2010 at 12:38 pm

Panthers logoThe Panthers host the Saints here at home on a very wintry-like day here, at least in terms of the temperatures. It’s 32 degrees currently, but it feels about ten degrees colder.

The Saints (13-2) are resting QB Drew Brees today in advance of the playoffs. The Panthers (7-8) would like a win today in order to end their season at .500. They’ll have to do it without stars WR Steve Smith (broken forearm) and RB DeAngelo Williams (listed as “doubtful” but likely won’t start due to an ankle injury). Matt Moore will start once again in place of the “injured” Jake Delhomme in what is suggesting will be his final audition for the starting spot next year.

Game time is 1:00 PM and it will be broadcast on Fox.

BTW, my regular schedule for blogging will resume sometime tomorrow. I’ve been off the last week and have been busy taking care of some year end stuff, catching up on reading, etc. The 8-5 will likely be busy tomorrow as I get back into the swing of things but after that it should be back to normal as far as the blogging goes. Hope everyone has enjoyed the Christmas/New year holiday season.

Update – 4:52 PM: Another impressive win for the Panthers, even with some of the Saints starters sitting on the bench. We finish the season at 8-8 with a 23-10 win.

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7 Responses to “Saints at the Panthers (UPDATE: PANTHERS WIN 23-10)”


  1. Anthony says:

    Good luck against the Ain’ts. They haven’t much to play for except momentum, but Carolina should realize they have a lot: there’s a world of difference between being 8-8 and 7-9 at the end of the season.

    Meanwhile, my 49ers look to end the season at 8-8 against the Lambs Rams today. It’s not what we hoped for, but it would be an improvement over where we were and we’ll finish with some good building blocks for the future, not the least the fact that we’ll have some continuity on offense for the first time in years.

  2. My Giants are sleep walking through their game. Sigh.

  3. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Goodell: NFL to review practice of sitting starters

    What’s next, Roger? Have the NFL monitor teams that run out the clock just before the half? Is settling for a field goal instead of going for a touchdown a scandal as well? How about investigating pooch kicks, since the punter obviously did not kick the ball as hard as he could? And should not all kickoffs be onside kicks?

    Morons. l-)

  4. Anthony says:

    I didn’t get the Niners game here, but checking the NFL web site had me wondering if the offense was still asleep at the hotel: 3-0 Lambs? Thankfully, we woke up in the second half and won 28-6. We finish at a blistering 8-8. Woo-hoo!

    I think we’re in good shape, with key starters in place and two first-round picks. (Note to Mike: DRAFT OFFENSIVE LINEMEN!)

    I’ve also been a Giants fan, thought not as much now as in the Parcells days. That was our morning game, and it was embarrassing. The Giants’ players just quit on the season. They should return their game checks.

    Good job with the Panthers, ST! You coached a good game to end the season with. :)

  5. Anthony, I was pleased to see that the Niners won as well. They’re my second fave team, behind the Panthers of course.

    I’m shocked at how well Dallas is doing against the Iggles. Figured this would be more of a game than a rout.

  6. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Wes Welker, New England’s top receiver, is injured in a meaningless game.

    ESPN has been saying that Welker (who has 123 catches this year) tore his ACL. He is out of the playoffs, and may miss next year as well. There are also reports that Tom Brady is pretty banged up as well.

    Suddenly the Colt’s decision to rest its stars is looking pretty smart.

  7. Anthony says:


    Today was a day for routs against supposedly good teams: Giants, Iggles, and the Bungles all were humiliated on national TV. And a large part of that humiliation was self-inflicted.

    Last I heard, Welker’s injury was both ACL and MCL. I’d be surprised if he plays next year. Brady may have a broken rib.