Palin strikes back at handnote handwringers

Jim Hoft reports:

RIGHT ON— On Sunday the left went bonkers after they discovered that the TelePrompter-less former Governor Sarah Palin wrote notes on the palm of her left hand for her speech to the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville. The far left absolutely freaked over this non-issue rather than focus on her brilliant speech knocking the Obama Administration’s horrid record on economics and national defense.

Today Sarah fired back…

How? During a campaign stop for TX Governor Rick Perry, she wrote “Hi Mom!” on her hand – and made sure it was visible for photographs :D

Palin at Rick Perry campaign stop
"Hi Mom!"

Hehe – and nope, it’s not a Photoshopped picture. You can view more pix of her “Hi Mom!” hand at Jim’s site.

I’m sure Andrew Sullivan’s head is spinning right about now, alongside the HuffPo types at the HuffPo site itself and in the MSM ;)

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