Breaking: Bunning and Senate leaders strike deal, republic is saved

Posted by: ST on March 2, 2010 at 7:06 pm

Roll Call reports:

Under increasing pressure from Democrats and members of his own party, Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.) Tuesday night abandoned his one-man filibuster of a one-month extension to unemployment benefits and other programs.

In the end Bunning agreed to a deal allowing him one vote on an amendment to pay for the bill’s $10 billion cost. That proposal was offered by Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) last Thursday at the start of his filibuster, but Bunning rejected it because he feared his amendment would not pass.

Reid has also agreed to give Bunning two votes on amendments to a larger, one-year extension bill that is currently under consideration in the Senate.

Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said he was pleased a deal could be reached.

“Bunning is coming back now, he has accepted our offer to have one offsetting amendment, which is an offer we made last week, and now he’s accepted it. I think it’s a new offset, we’re waiting to see. So, we’ll see where it goes,” Durbin said. “So it would give us two votes: offset amendment and final passage of the short-term [unemployment insurance].”

The Senate is expected to vote Tuesday night on the short-term bill, which also includes payments for doctors and highway spending as well as other items.

My hat’s still off to him, though, for the point he was trying to make about PAYGO. Of course, the MSM didn’t paint the issue in this light, instead choosing to falsely call what Bunning was doing a “filibustering” of extending unemployment benefits (as Roll Call did above), while CNN portrayed Bunning as willingly wanting to hurt “Thousands of Americans.”

Related to all this, did you know that over the weekend two of Bunning’s offices received bomb threats? Of course you didn’t, because the MSM was too busy demonizing Bunning to cover the story on a national level. Gateway Pundit has the predictable details.

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3 Responses to “Breaking: Bunning and Senate leaders strike deal, republic is saved”


  1. hogtrrashhd says:

    I applaud Senator Bunning. I am unemployed and at the end of the month I will have received 26 weeks unemployment. No extensions. I live in Ohio that has I believe 17% unemployment. I am 58 and single which means no second income and with pretty much no chance of getting a job making my 60,000 salary plus benefits again. All I can find are part time jobs to apply for making close to minimum wage.. I am about to lose my house. But I agree with Senator Bunning. I figure I paid for my 26 weeks of unemployment after working 40 years.. I’ll get a job or two.. live in someone’s basement. What Senator Bunning did is what everyone’s been yelling for the congress to do and he did it.. Thank you Senator Bunning for standing strong..

  2. camojack says:

    I remember when Jim Bunning was a pitcher for the Phillies; until this week I wasn’t even aware that he’d gone into the political arena.

    Good for him! :)

  3. Kate says:

    Well hogtrashhd…you know what they say….this is the government the people elected and the rules were made up by consensus. Be thankful that you get anything from the government if you WORK! Just image them trying to reduce welfare roles! We would have a bunch of disgruntled folks then wouldn’t we?

    I really think the government workers should take a pay cut and a few stiff layoffs….of course, your wait in the unemployment line might be a bit longer.

    Good for Senator Bunning for trying to hold Obama, Reid and Pelousy to their commitment of keeping the deficit down and cutting spending. You will note that they are all about compromising with the Republicans now!