Anyone catch the interview Bret Baier did with President Obama? (UPDATE: VIDEOS ADDED)

Posted by: ST on March 17, 2010 at 7:06 pm

I can’t wait til the transcript/video is posted online. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the President so defensive. And, of course, he did not answer a single question. Very revealing – or, rather, “transparent.”

As I wrote on Twitter, true journalists like Baier & Garrett are the REAL reasons Obama and Company (& the left) can’t stand Fox. Has very little to do w/ Hannity & O’Reilly.

As I was writing this, the transcript has been posted. Video clips to come soon.

Oh, and did I tell you Brit Hume was on Fox tonight going back and forth with Baier about the interview with the Prez? That was the icing on the cake for me. :D ;;)

Update – 7:27 PM: Link to the videos. Make sure to watch both parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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31 Responses to “Anyone catch the interview Bret Baier did with President Obama? (UPDATE: VIDEOS ADDED)”


  1. Hmmm.... says:

    Geez, this guy who pretends to be an American President thinks that Americans don’t care if our process of government is distorted? He wants to focus our attention away from the abuse of the system and onto getting what he wants? Who is this man?

  2. Rick says:

    Great interview by BaiEr. Absolute pathetic answers by Obama. He answered nothing. MELT THE PHONES, TELL YOUR REP HOW PATHETIC THE PRESIDENT’S UNDERSTANDING OF HIS “OWN BILL”

  3. Chuck says:

    I watched the interview and my reaction was “finally someone is actually being a journalist and doing their job”. Pres. Obama got his behind handed to him. I don’t believe in gotcha journalism where you try to make the person being interviewed look like a fool. I do believe they need to be asked hard and substantive questions. If they can’t or won’t do that, they need to be introducing the winner of the local dog show. Pres. You can tell he has not been through enough tough interviews and his arrogance was showing. He doesn’t answer the questions and attempts to talk and talk.

  4. Hmmm.... says:

    I think I know one reporter who is never going to interview President Obama again.

  5. Anthony says:

    I haven’t time to watch the videos until later tonight, but, from reading the quotes at Hot Air, it looks like Baier did a great job flustering Benito President Obama.

    Oh, and David Brooks is on a suicide watch. I take great pleasure in him inching toward the realization of what a complete tool he’s been. >:)

  6. dprosental says:

    Well, Obama promised change and he has certainly delivered it – he is the first president in our history to openly admit that he cares nothing about this country, its Constitution, or desires of the American people. He seems to think this is a big game that he is determined to win, and to hell with the unfortunate consequences. I guess he does deserve credit for honesty.

  7. hogtrrashhd says:

    Man is he dancing as fast as he can… he gets away with it with the MSM but Brett did a pretty good job when he could get a word in .. man is obama boooooooring.. to the max. oh and did I mention a big fat liar.. his ears are going to grow bigger and bigger.. pretty soon he’ll look exactly like dumbo.. oops too late he does and is..

  8. Nina says:

    I refuse to watch this. Ignorance and arrogance,not a good combo. PRAY FOR OUR NATION.

  9. Matt says:

    I generally despise anyone who is called a “journalist” but Bret Baier is a stud. He’s a class act all the way, and has done well taking over for that other class act, Brit Hume.

  10. Westcoastjazz says:

    Perhaps I was watching another interview. Then too, maybe you guys are all wet.

    ‘Hmmn’,you’re an idiot. He isn’t pretending…, he IS the American President.

    ‘Chuck’, he answered most, but not all questions. Most answers were on point, even if you don’t ‘like’ the answer.

    ‘dprosental’, your statements have no meaning within the context of the interview. Nothing in it could lead to the conclusions you’ve drawn.

    ‘hogtrrashhd’, illuminate the lie(s) he told, or shut up!

    Note: I was an ‘Arch-Republican’ for 39 years. I work in the insurance business. I made $590,000 in this industry last year. I’ve moved from 16 employees 15 years ago to 5 today. Only two of them can afford our insurance plan and I offer 75% company contribution. My company is not unique in it’s makeup. I’m in a position to tell you that the system is not good for people. You guys need to wake up!

  11. Dave B says:

    We have to pass the bill so we can see what’s in it… check. Us dummies thought it might be a good idea to read it first before voting on it but what do we know?

    We’re pissing off almost the entire nation,trampling on their rights, and pisssing on the Constitution for people who are losing their houses because they don’t have health care…. check. Why wait until 2014?

    Bret was not letting the President not answer the question asked….check. Did he expect him to fawn over him and faint?

    We have to rush the bill through because “people” want it… check.
    By “people” we mean far left wing nuts, race baiters who always expect something for nothing from someone else, and of course young people who have never paid a premium in their young naive idealistic lives.

  12. Westcoastjazz says:

    Why is my comment still ‘awaiting moderation’?

  13. Cait says:

    Watch it twice… First time I saw nothing but evasion, second time I. saw a lot of questions on the part of Bret Baier that did not concern me (a small business owner, can’t afford to insure my employees anymore). Bizzaroworld really hit home when second time through I watched I was struck with the fact that Obama bin lyin’ might be right. Need to check my medication and get back to y’all… Please tell me I’m wrong!

  14. Westcoastjazz says:

    For Dave B: Home boy…, fact is…,


    It’s an even split among Americans as to whether the ‘perceived’ health care overhaul should become law.

  15. Tom TB says:

    Did Obama confuse Haiti with Hawaii? Our 50th state hasn’t had a major earthquake since 1975!

  16. code says:

    Obama must be up against a thick and high wall (of his own making?) for the White House to “offer the interview to Baier on Monday” (through Communications Director Dan Pfieffer)and let someone from “not a news organization” to grill him like that just to get to the people who find Fox News “most trustworthy”.

    A WH official was quoted by Politico’s Mike Allen in March 17 Playbook 24/7 “Many of the falsehoods … gained traction in FOX, so the Pres. is returning to the scene of the crime to make the final sale. … we will work with Fox where it serves our communications interests,…” Allen concludes “the interview is sure to have a huge echo effect, … a creative way to break through the health care white noise.”

    Did it serve the purpose for White House/Obama?

    A few things were clear from the interview:
    1. Obama doesn’t know/want to tell what is in or out of his bill. He’s been “campaigning” for this bill for more than a year and he can’t say what’s in or out?

    BTW, for those of you who are from Fairfax, Virginia, Obama will speak on HCR (again!) on March 19, Fri at the George Mason University’s Patriot Center. Event is free/no tickets required and OPEN to public. Doors open at 9AM – WH release per Politico Playbook

    (sorry to digress, but many agree that Obama performed best in big settings during his campaign. Patriot Center seats 10,000 so it seems like the WH team is putting him back on the grand stage where he awed the 52.9% of the electorate back in Nov 2008

    2. Obama sounded uncertain and could not/would not answer many of Bret’s questions directly. If he is trying to sell the American people something he is unsure of, or would/could not tell the TRUTH about, why should anyone buy it?

    3. Obama may have dropped the ball on a few facts – what Hawaiian disaster was he referring to?

    Someone (calling Sister Toldjah) should FACT CHECK each of Obama’s statement as a public service and post it in a prominent/respected blog so RCP and other widely read political site will pick it up.

  17. Senator Fuller Bull - D says:

    Did Obama confuse Haiti with Hawaii? Our 50th state hasn’t had a major earthquake since 1975!

    Maybe he was thinking of one of the nameless seven extra states in the union.

  18. Westcoastjazz wrote:

    Why is my comment still ‘awaiting moderation’?

    Um, probably because I don’t live on the left coast and was in bed by the time you posted it? Are you really that impatient for your voice to be heard that you, as a first time commenter, can’t wait for a few hours overnight for your comment to be approved for posting? If so, you need to get a life.

    And you also need to quit telling other commenters here (who are not “home boys” BTW) to “shut up.” Their opinions deserve to be heard as much as yours.

    As to the assertion that Obama is a liar and your laughable request to “illuminate his lies” … you’re kidding me, right? He’s done little else but lie and misrepresent ‘facts’ over the last year, which I’ve documented numerous times at this blog. Unless you suffer from HISS (Head In Sand Syndrome) surely you’ve noticed this? Or are you another misguided liberal who believes he can do no wrong? If so, it’s YOU who need to wake up.

  19. NC Cop says:

    What I find amamzing are the Obamazombies who fall in behind him, their eyes all aglaze mumbling “hope”….”change”.

    I have yet for any of the people who love this bill tell me

    1) How we’re going to pay for it.
    2) Why MY insurance must be changed to cover the 41 million who don’t have insurance.
    3) How it’s going to benefit me when even the ones who wrote the bill admit its going to cause premiums to go up.
    4) Why so many DOCTORS seem to dislike the bill.
    5) Why other countries health care that are similar to this sucks.

    That’s just a starting point of the questions I have. The typical reaction I have from the Obama boot licking crowd is “You’re a right wing extremist!” or “You hate the poor!”.

    To this date I have never gotten a logical answer or explanation to any of my questions. I wonder why that is? :-?

  20. your mama says:

    this president sure is an embarrassment,loved it when he said ‘when the bill comes out,I and you will see what’s in it”.What kind of logic is that?
    By the way,where are all those doctors voices who are against this takeover?

  21. Julie says:

    As good a job as Bret did (and he did), I still think Brit (or Bill Sammon) would have done better.

  22. Anthony says:

    NC Cop:

    Why MY insurance must be changed to cover the 41 million who don’t have insurance.

    And even that number is highly questionable.

  23. alaphiah says:

    Saw the interviews. Classic Orwellian redefinition and framing on Barry Soetoro’s part. Real journalism on Bret Baier’s part equals the beginning of the end for this bill. The repercussions for this interview are yet to come.

    Compliments on your site. I haven’t been here in a while.

  24. Westcoastjazz says:

    My my…, Sistah is touchy isn’t she. Having served on local Republican Platform committees for several years, I don’t think anyone would classify me as a liberal. I’m just someone who, while not become seriously wealthy, has achieved a certain level of financial comfort while zealously following Republican ideals. I always considered myself an ‘ARCH-REPUBLICAN’, and took much heat from my African-American contemporaries for being one.

    I feel that the Party is unnecessarily lying and vilifying people who have opposing views. I am a classic Republican…, not a ‘neo-conservative’. This latter group (unfortunately, seems like ‘Sistah’ is a founding member)seems to have lost objectivity, reason, and logic.

    Oh…, and by the way, I’m not a liberal, don’t know any liberals and truth be told, I’ve never SEEN a liberal. I don’t think they exist. It’s an artificial label we put on people with whom we disagreed on ‘social justice’ issues. Example…Jesse Jackson, laid off workers and sold interests that hurt his ‘acolytes’ even more quickly than any other industrialist in my acquaintance in order to preserve profits. Classic PERSON move…, clearly antithetical to ‘liberalism’. We’re all PEOPLE folks. Let’s just try to be RATIONAL people and make rational judgements. I have no skin in this game. It’s humorous to me. I await any comment…, and of course…, the obligatory ‘moderation’ period.

  25. Westcoastjazz says:

    For NC cop. The sad truth is, and of course this is the view of someone who is in the insurance profession, YOU have no insurance. Why would you say that YOUR insurance should be changed to cover other people.? I don’t know where you work, but if you’re in one of the groups I insure, your insurance is more than likely going to change next policy period no matter what. Inexorably, your costs will rise. But check this…, Your EMPLOYER owns the policy NoT YOU. “THEY” determine what benefits you can, or can’t have according to the plan they and the broker(and unabashed predator like me) decide on. In my own company (and remember, I’m an insurance broker by profession), I decided that the $1,500 monthly premium I was charged our health insurer was too much for ME! My company pays 75% of employee health premiums. It was killing $12,000 in bottom line profit for me! I changed our plan. My employees now have $50 dollar doctor visit co-pay rather than the $15 they had last year, and fewer out-patient options. Stay in the network or pay for your independence. It’s the American way! Bottom line, the insurance plan was MY choice, not theirs. “THEY” have no insurance. It’s MINE. So too it is with you…, my law enforcement ‘brother’.

  26. WCJ, all first time commenters are kept on moderation for at least a week. Don’t consider yourself “special” on that front.

    As to your lame accusation about the GOP “unnecessarily lying” – GMADB. If you gave a rip about lying, and if I had about a month of free time I could provide you with a laundry list of outright demonizations about HCR opponents that have come from the mouths of the left – including so-called “party leaders” in the House and Senate. Whatever “lies” some conservatives may have been saying don’t even hold a candle to the level of deception coming from Obama, his admin, the House, the Senate, and other prominent Democrats.

    You can save your “but I’m a Republican” speech. I can assure you no one here will fall for it. If you were a Republican you wouldn’t even have had to ask another commenter here about “where are Obama’s lies” – because they are all over the place and anyone who doesn’t have their head stuck in liberal la la land can surely see that no matter what side of the aisle they are on. If you were truly concerned about lies you’d stand up against the insults and demeaning by the left of those in the party you claim to be a part of, most of whom have legitimate reasons for not supporting this bill, reasons that have nothing to do with “hating Obama.”

    And please spare us all the lecture on “objectivity, reason, and logic,” especially considering you’re not leading by example.

    From here on out, make your comments about the arguments themselves and not the person. Any other insults you want to throw my way, take it to email. I’m done with this. And you.

  27. Westcoastjazz says:

    [buh bye. – ST]

  28. Terry says:

    The fix is in…Can’t stomach a lot of this administration.