Time to play “what do you ‘deem’ as so?”

Hey, since House Dems think they can “deem” something as passed without even voting on it, I’ve decided to play a “deem” game of my own – except mine won’t cost taxpayers a trillion bucks.

As I wrote on Twitter, I believe my birthday should be a national holiday. I deem it so. So far, I’ve gotten four Twitter friends to agree with me. If I were a Dem, now would be the time I’d start trading money/favors for votes.

So, with that said – what do you deem as so?

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16 thoughts on “Time to play “what do you ‘deem’ as so?”

  1. I deem that during the lead up to the 2008 national elections, we still had a free press. As such, the junior senator from Illinois was found to be wholly unqualified to be a candidate and bowed out after finishing a humiliating and distant eighth place in the Iowa Caucuses. He has not been heard of since.

  2. If process (and the Constitution) is not important, than the police should ‘deem’ they had a warrant when subsequent search reveals contraband or evidence of a crime.

  3. I deem that if this HC bill is signed into law, all legislators and executive powers involved in its passage are hereby removed from office post haste, and transferred to Gitmo asap.

    I so deem it.

  4. I deem that our mortal bodies are gifts from the creator, and not to be forcibly insured or compared to a machine driven on a public road!

  5. I deem that everyone in the entire universe shall ignore that creepy Obama behind the white house curtain. He is a terrible president, a thick headed noodle noggin and a host of other things that cannot be said here.

    And since a few already mentioned it, I deem that all lottery players are winners, to be true.


  6. I deem all of San Fran Nan’s financial holdings to be turned over (cashed out, if necessary) and deposited into my own bank account, after which we can “debate” the scope of exactly how those funds will then be disbursed.

    So, Franny, is it a deemed, done deal?

    Yeah, I thought not….

  7. If the amended version of the bill (the one they were actually going to vote on, not the one they were going to “deem” voted on) became law, I’d deem this whole controversy a tempest in a procedural teapot. If the amended version had died in the Senate and the “deemed” version was sent to the President for his signature, I’d deem the matter a constitutional crisis, and the careers of all Congressmen who expected to tell voters “I never voted for Gator-Aid or the Cornhusker Kickback” dead, as everyone would know they had indeed voted for that bill with full knowledge that they’d be “deemed” to have done so.

    Since the Dems have abandoned the tactic, I deem the horse dead.

  8. If this monstrosity passes due to “deeming” it so, I think that we should deem that any member of the House who voted to do so will have disgraced that body and that we will deem that they have resigned, and we will not recognize any bills that they vote for henceforth will be invalid.

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